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    1. Fork
      Wellwisher, I'd like your thoughts on my thread Death and Consciousness. Thank you.
    2. Brainiac
      I was wondering if you could respond to my thread in general philosophy about choice and prediction.
    3. cleese
      please follow my three part search, it is all about answering your respectful question
    4. spidergoat
      You are so full of crap.
    5. wellwisher
      The segregation of cations across the membrane lowers the entropy of the cations relative to a uniform solution of cations. This induces the membrane to lower entropy and higher energy.

      The rest of nature prefers to lower energy and increase entropy. These two opposing sets of potentials merge at the membrane. Food entering the membrane is trying to increase entropy back to normal.

      The net result are the configurations of the cell are induced to lower entropy, by the boundary, while the opposing potentials of nature adds a layer of higher entropy and lower energy; activity and change. The DNA will assume order or low entropy but since this opposes the rest of nature we get entropy on the DNA for genetic change as one example. The mitochondria represent low entropy so they oppose nature resulting in high entropy activity.
    6. krishnagopal
      Dear wellwisher, it is worderful that you are trying to work out entropy (decrease or increase) at the membrane level. Generally, for all life processes there is a DECREASE in entropy. But all catabolic processes in the cell like glycolysis, cellular respiration result in an INCREASE in entropy. But the ultimate purpose of all the energy consumed by the cell (or organism as a whole) is to uphold the membrane potentials across the membrane, which results in increased entropy. Membrane potentials manifest as alertness.
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