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Oct 16, 2014 at 4:49 PM
Oct 21, 2001
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Victoria, Australia
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James R

Just this guy, you know?, from Victoria, Australia


Busy busy busy Oct 13, 2014

James R was last seen:
Oct 16, 2014 at 4:49 PM
    1. James R
      James R
      Busy busy busy
    2. Kittamaru
      James, please do something about Syne... it is at the point where I would ban him myself had I the ability...
    3. Motor Daddy
      Motor Daddy
      It has been almost two weeks since you last visited this site. The site's average intelligence level for the period of time that you've been gone has decreased substantially. Please return, James R. We need you!
    4. Pete
      Typical Tach. He posts the start of a solution that he is unable to finish, then challenges other people to do his work for him.

      Why are you always wrong, Tach? It's a pity your ability doesn't match that massive ego of yours.
      Come on, James. I know Tach is frustrating, but I'm really trying hard not to gratiuitously antagonise him.

      If your post added something to the discussion it would be useful, but as it stands it's just flaming.
    5. Pete
    6. cluelusshusbund
    7. cluelusshusbund
    8. Billy T
      Billy T
      James more than two weeks have past since in PM I asked you for at least one specific example of my "inappropriate language" in post:
      Which you gave me a warning about. I think there is no "inappropriate language" there, but you just do not want a controversial subject as a poll. Is that correct?
    9. kira
      It is a lot of work (and a thankless one) to be an admin. You deserve all the appreciation.

      p.s.: why is your new avatar looks a bit gloomy?

      p.s.s.: you don't have to respond this. -Many greetings
    10. kira
      Ok, thank you for your reply! I was just wondering, because there is newer debate (death penalty), and so I thought that the global warming one is cancelled.

      Have a nice day!
    11. kira
      Hi, James, how are you? What happens to the "Global Climate Change is of an anthropogenic origin" thread in Formal Debate section, is it cancelled..?
    12. realett
      Hello James,
      I followed a thread on string theory to your "about me" page. I work for Perfectly Scientific Press, and we are currently looking for writers. We are located in Portland, Oregon, and we offer a considerably favorable royalty agreement. Currently, we are seeking authors of scientific books. The topics may span disciplines. Perhaps you have a string theory for-general-audience text that has yet to be published? Maybe you simply have the seed of an idea, of a technical book, or dissertation. Please visit our website: http://www.perfscipress.com. And, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Thomas Reale at realett@gmail.com.
    13. deicider
      reopen the "Black People are Dumb" thread.There was no trollin only ur "ethics" that closed the thread.And u should also give people the chance to answer.
    14. cluelusshusbund
      James R---"I'd like to publically apologise to sniffy for resurrecting this old thread."

      Well that was nice of you to do :-)
    15. draqon
    16. fedr808
      Hey James, do you mind taking care of this jerk in scifi named Recrey, in one of the threads. Hes insulting towards members are blatantly apparent.
    17. flameofanor5
      I can never manage to dislike you because of your avatar. Please never change it.
    18. Bishadi
      lots on the site

      but lousy mods.................. JamesR, you are a punk
    19. kurros
      I think the intentions of the thread "a conscience guided space-ship" have been misinterpreted due to the choice of name. The thread seems to be a perfectly valid question about gravitation theory. Whoever shifted it to pseudoscience was being a bit premature I think.
    20. Ganymede
      That was completely out of line to close a thread because S.A.M defeated you in a debate. You can't make someone frame their debate based on your personal preferences. Any skilled debater is able to misdirect their opponents to point of frustration, this is done simply to make you respond emotionally instead of logically. Once a debater starts to respond on a emotional level he's already conceded the debate to the other who hasn't. And that's what you did sir, you exhibited anger, disdain and frustration to the point where you took your ball and went home.
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    Victoria, Australia
    sciforums administrator
    Underwater basket weaving, solo trombone composition, topiary, origami, blindfold table tennis, bungee chess, farnarkling, alligator wrestling


    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - attributed to Aristotle (Nichomachean Ethics).