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Oct 26, 2003
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Jul 3, 1959 (Age: 55)
Melbourne Australia
Web design, copywriter, writer and coffee and toba

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Quantum Quack

Life's a tease..., 55, from Melbourne Australia

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    1. Fork
      QQ, I have written down some insights into Loop Quantum Gravity and would like your thoughts
    2. Q-reeus
      Hi Quantum Quack. Thanks for invite and glad to accept. Will keep in touch.
    3. kwhilborn
      I have some private websites that are used for researching atm, but my main public one is choicedowsing.com... It is based on subliminal access to your subconsciousness.

      My main method of telepathy is not discussed in my websites, although I am very experienced in the psi field.
    4. Gerhard Kemmerer
      Gerhard Kemmerer
      In re to levitation of materials ie stone, your theory on removing something from matter is correct. Ghost's theory may work, but was not the method used by the people who built Giza.
      The operating mode of matter can be changed, and it is correct that it generally has to be done by night, if not by specific locations of the sun, moon and stars (note the obsession with astrology in the past). Your concept of a background force is well known in ancient science, and was mused on by Newton and Einstein. You will find that the pyramids were robbed first for other items and the now coveted treasures were left behind. Those other items were the Djed, the "light" tool and another one which I don't know the Egyptian name for, but it was typically understood as the "waters" tool. It had nothing to do with water, but one of two characteristics of the background force. Keep it to yourself.
    5. scheherazade
      Love your bio, lol....

      You shoot straight from the lip, and I detect a sense of humor, capable of laughing at yourself, which is rather less common.

    6. geistkiesel

      I am going to start a thread that will be abruptly stricken from the record. It is good for a laugh to see all the no no nono a thousand times no. The paper was 6000 letters or words, or whatever, b\ut I can only send 1000 at a time.Mike Geistkiesel
    7. Quantum Quack
      Quantum Quack
      well it didn't get any where here even though it appeared to be well founded.
    8. fresco
      I spotted your "objective universe" question on another forum. I suggest you try able2know.com for some interesting exchanges.

      Regards fresco.
    9. MacM
      I think Ihave James R on the run. HE hasn't resopnded to my radioactive decay particle clock scenario where data is the same in both frames of view. It shows the falicy of claiming dilation is frame dependant.
    10. EmmZ
      Wow, I read the "Does light move" thread. It's fascinating stuff and I have to say, from my very limited understanding you're a bloody modern day Copernicus. They're laughing now, but you just wait... ;D
    11. geistkiesel
      QQ - Have you posted a number questions regarding proof that liIght actually moves? If so, I would like to reopen that topic. I recall responding with some dismal dogma. When it dawned on me that I didn't know what I was talking about I gave the matter some consideration and have concluded that not only has light motion never been observed, using standard models of light phenomena, light cannot possibly move.
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    Jul 3, 1959 (Age: 55)
    Melbourne Australia
    Web design, copywriter, writer and coffee and toba
    Years ago when I was a little boy and my mom refused to give me icecream she used to say to me, "Scott, lifes a tease. Lifes a tease Scott. Later when I grew into a teenager my first girlfriend used to say when.....

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