Redarmy Diktat Collective

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Redarmy Diktat Collective

A situation in which one does, or already has done, what redarmy11 tells you to do or has telled.

Diktats are usually issued in times of great uncertainty when society has vital but impossibly complex decisions to make about its future path. Diktats usually bring a satisfying finality to all the worrying and the belly-aching and the procrastinating, and mark the moment when all voices are silenced, and a trembling and reluctant humanity is thrust roughly into a cold, frightening and impersonal new era.

Though the Hammer, when it falls, usually brings with it great pain, anguish, bloodshed and loss of life, a surprisingly large percentage of the populace will eventually be found to agree with the Official History of the time, which will deem the period of Adjustment that the Diktat brings to have been Inevitable, Necessary and For the Greater Good.

see also Stalin, wesdom.

(c) The Glorious Collective


The REDARMY DIKTAT was the Beginning of History in which The Glorious Leader Redarmy11 led his collective on the right path of political ideology. The revolution started on 21st of March in the afternoon. It ended after a duration of about 27 hours ......[1]

Some credit this failing to a lack of clear leadership and excessive "top-down" antidirectionism, while others blame divergent factions within the movement itself [2] [3]. However, most opinion merely chalks it up to the thankful emergence of common sense and moral decency.

Members of the collective

Foreign agents trying to destabilize the Righteous Revolution

avatars of the collective

Male members

Female members and tablariddim

famous Speeches by the Glorious Leader

  • YOU ARE ALL IDOITS , BUT YOU ARE MY IDOITS !!![4] - 21 march 2007.
  • shut up before I knock u uot.[5] - Yesterday, 03:35 AM
  • A lengthy speech filled with The Truth delivered on the 22nd of March before a full Assembly[6].
  • A medium sized speech filled with explanations of his resignation from fame and containing good advice ,like : Don´t eat yellow snow.[7]