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http://home.comcast.net/%7Einfinitycrops/dino.jpg WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN SMALL TRACES OF DINOSAURS.
Christians, Muslims and other sceptics should proceed with caution.
  • a roundworm that was stepped on.

The mighty flatworm is one of the most interesting creations of god or products of evolution. You can throw a flatworm into a blender and feed it to other flatworms. The flatworms that eat shredded flatworm will obtain memories from the shredded flatworm. Even more adorable is the fact that the flatworm eats and shits with his mouth. And despite the suggestion that the flatworm is related to the roundworm we have to point out the little matter that the classification worm has been the garbage bin of the taxonomist, and many unrelated animals were groups under the name worm only because they looked like a worm.