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ElectricFetus, also know as "EF", "WCF", "The Fetus" or simply "The one who was formally known as WellCookedFetus" is a member and ex-moderator of Sciforums. The Fetus spends its wasted freetime having internet arguments and huffing paint.

Fetus History

The Fetus joined thousands of internet years ago in the supereon of Porfirycambrian where it spent its time crudely inventing the first wheel out of a large boulder and attempting to find a use for it by wearing it as a hat. The Fetus was known for constantly whining and stating when ever someone stated a fallacy of logic. Strangely during the mid eon of Porfiryterzoic The Fetus changed its name and ran for office as a moderator of sciforums political discussion forum (or as it was known at the time "the cesspool", this was before the cesspool forum was split off). The Fetus was elected after rumors mysteriously arouse accusing The Fetus's competitors of having illegitimate black children and drug addict wives.

President Fetus

As a moderator The Fetus whinned and correct even more (reviling ex-moderator S.A.M. on forum nazism) and created "Forum Rules, Regulations and Recommendations" announcements versions 1.0-1.4 (Feel free to punch The Fetus for this) The Fetus was also known for blabbing about moderator secret practices such as:

- The moderators have a secret forum that only they can see where they go to laugh at members behind their backs, this forum is decorated with exquisite 19th century paintings.

- The moderators constantly looked for the numbers "666" in members IP Address as it was prophecies (by Goofyfish) that the holy Porfiry would leave us upon the coming of the "devils IP" (it must be assumed this has already come to be)


During its time as moderator a member joined who claimed intellectual superiority of the Biology forum because this member claimed to be a professor, never respecting appeals to authority (other then it own) The Fetus began a very internet serious fight with said member. Setting up hits on the member using its minions and tasering the member repeatedly and without warning. The member complained that someone had called him on the phone harassing him and blame The Fetus, The Fetus claimed innocents despite having racked up a large phone bill. At this point political **** hit the fan, The Fetus pulled a Bill Clinton like confession and promptly executed it self. Despite popular belief The Fetus had resigned on its own behalf (was not banished) and had walk outside saying "I am just going outside and I may be some time." and promptly froze to death.

The Fetus's First Return

The Fetus awoke thousands of internet years later during the era of Plazma Infernozoic, only to find sciforums had degenerated into an idiocracy and all the members The Fetus had known and loved (and had gotten taxi rides home for) were long since dead. The Fetus could be found often at the grave of Spuriousmonkey crying... or laughing hysterically, it was hard to tell. After a brief time laughing it up with the marching morons the fetus grew bored of the lack of intellectual thought (or thought of any kind) on sciforums, so The Fetus walked outside, sat down and let the snow cover it once more.

The Fetus's Second Return

Many internet years later during the firmly agreed upon era of Jamesrmian The Fetus came crawling back out of the ice to the camp fires of the forum like the tiny pathetic bag of puss that it is. Clearly it comes and goes for years or months at a time for reasons that make little sense even IRL. Apparently when the next cycle of intellectualism hits sciforums The Fetus dethaws and promptly ruins the intellectual renaissance of sciforums, than freezes its self until next time, sort of like Godzilla except a millionth the size.