Sciforums cycles

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Many older members of Sciforums have noticed the so sometimes called Sciforums cycles. These can be observed when generally good discussions disappear and give way to a majority of childish small talk and threads that seem to be started by morons. Usually the normality restores itself after some months only to disappear again later.

It is believed that Sciforums cycles have much to do with school children having their Summer holidays.

If you are new to Sciforums, you can notice that a moronic cycle has begun by whining of members with large post counts that Sciforums have become worthless and stupid. During this time there appear many references to the Sciforums' glory days, and also some of the older members declare that they are leaving Sciforums.

Not to be confused with the regular menstruation of SciForums members.

Of course we must all remember that none of us are morons or shining with intelligence all throughout individuals. Thus we all are equal and everything we say is true and judicially sound.