Worst Movie

worst movie
bone collector
good actors
bad acting

"what kind of vegatable do you wanna be?!"
Angelina Jolie is hot.

Bone Collector Wasn't too bad, just not as good as Se7en, or The Silence of the Lambs or..... Well maybe it did suck :D
I really can´t understand how you can go on bashing Titanic like that. I loved it! I still sob when I see it....:p
I really liked AI too, but haven´t got that on video or dvd yet. But I remember being content when I left the movies after seeing it.

About Angelina Jolie then, I know it sounds stupid and immature but I was really pissed off when a movie star suddenly appears with MY NAME (Angelina)!!! It was devastating! There can be only one! ...me, that is. :D
But she will be gone soon....:eek: ...hey, new smilie!

Titanic sucked because: It was too long. Had a horrible actor in it. and an overly simplistic and unrealistic story for such a cool idea.

-Sorry I had to vent.
A.I was great!!!! Loved that movie, watched it on payperview, yes that's right, on my SATELLITE TV. heheheheeh.

You know they made a sequel to Se7en, they call it E8t. Also a prequel, called Si6. Never got into them, though.
oh yeah?
well hows this for creative?
yeha ok your funny pe face
3 pages and you can't even get the really bad ones!

1. Manos: The Hands of Fate
2. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
3. Highlander 2
4. Beastmaster
No, we said Highlander 2 and I still think Sean Connery was cool in the movie, probably cause the rest sucked so much.

"Most people spend their lives watching, and waiting. But if you can summen it all up in one place, at one time, you can do something...... glorious." - Slightly misquoted Highlander 2
i know bebelina,
its a little private that cactus and i have with pollux,
hes just such a funny guy....
well you better stop leaving your log in on alll those computers i found another one toady
Yeah now that I've helped registered like, five people from this school, so now I have to tell each comp I go on to log me out when I'm done. It's really a pain in the ass.