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What are the worst movies you guys have ever seen.
I don't know what the worst is for me but Jaws 4 is up there

Thanx and greetings
Return to Salem's Lot.
it was actually so bad that i was angry after i saw it.

The Kilmer/Brando Island of Dr. Moreau. I want those hours back. With interest. It was bad to begin with, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the director would ramp up the revulsion with Val Kilmer in an ill-fitting sarong and a grubby pig-woman. And then they'd throw in that Brando homunculus. What the hell were they thinking?

What the hell was I thinking?

A very bad B-grade action/scifi/topless women movie called Sleeping Dogs. And a supposed horror movie called Hellgate, which was so cheap I could actually see the string on the rubber bat.

Oh, and Saving Private Ryan.
Sleeping Dogs? The flick where they’re being sent to the TitanOne Prison Colony,
with briefly topless cyborg cutie Ciara Hunter??It was terrible.
I've never seen 'Battlefield Earth'....of course.

Hmmmm.....'Bridges of Madison County'. It is a romance thingy about a married woman and a photographer and they fall in love but she's married with a family and blah blah blah....

Halfway through, I was ready to disembowel myself and hang myself with my own intestines. It was that bad.

"Dead Man Walking" - a tear jerker about a rapist-murderer who is executed for his crimes. I did not get that movie. The audience is supposed to feel sorry for him? What the fuck? :bugeye:

I like 'bad' bad movies, like 'Plan Nine from Outer Space'. It is the bad 'good' movies that I despise.

Kinda thing that makes you want to gouge your own eyeballs out.

How about worst music? I'm voting for Andrew WK
Best worst movies

What about those movies that are so bad that they're actually good?

My favorite is probably the Italian classic <i>Nude for Satan</i>. Highly recommended.
I haven't seen it, but apparently <A HREF="http://us.imdb.com/Title?0199481">Druids</A> is worth seeing just because it's so entirely bad in every aspect. I will have to see it eventually, especially since <A HREF="http://foversta.free.fr/">Ines Sastre</A> is in it.
Nude For Satan is a good one.

Another SBS classic: Vampiros Lesbos.
Some VERY funny horor films were "evil dead" and the rest

they were bad but worth seeing because they are so FUNNY
Most sequels are painful, especially the third or fourth one.
Jurassic Park III and Alien:Ressurection were horrible. But as far as movies that are so bad they're good I had a lot of fun watching What Lies Beneath :)
HEY! I liked What Lies Beneath!
Fast and the Furious sucked! So did the Blair Witch Project
Yeah those two were definetly horrible, but Blair Witch did have a cool concept - even though it sucked.

P.S. I didn't hate what lies beneath, it just wasn't that great even with Indiana Jones and Catwoman starring in it :)
The thing with Blair Witch, I went to see it the very first night and I was stoned as hell and I thought the movie was a REAL movie. Remember they those shows on TV with interviews with the family, so I was thinking it was all really happening and it scared the living shit out of me. But then I found out it was set up and I didnt like it no more.:D
The worst thing about the Blair Witch Project was the sense of self-importance displayed by the makers as they wandered around our town during filming. Yes, I am still sore about it.

Natural Born Killers - I hated it the first time, but after a seeing it a few more times, I kinda liked it. I guess it grew on me....
I despised 'Blair Witch' - booooooring.

As for movies that grow on you, 'Fight Club'.
Originally posted by Xev
As for movies that grow on you, 'Fight Club'.
"Heady" movie.
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Stuck with me for some reason.