Ugent Help Needed!

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I can't believe I'm giving tech support on a Sunday. :) least I'm drinking beer...and my cleric can wait for level 43 until tomorrow.

When you done "Backing up Bea Arthur" (oooo...that would make a great porn title) let me know.
I've got 2 programs that dont have windows in the location: a Virtual Expander and my Bluetooth USB thing. Shall I leave them checked?
Everything...we'll go back and recheck the stuff you actually need's just easier that way.
we're going to lick this motherfucker! In a worse case scenario...I'll burn you a cd with all the software you need to get rid of this...and ship it to your ass from a windows xp installtion disk...I have a ton of them on my desk. we can fix this.
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No it hasn't rechecked!
But I had to use F8 (it worked this time) cos fuck all was happenning when I rebooted.
Incidentally, the computer is zipping along nicely and I can get results from the main links off Google.
Worth trying that link now?
(I'm still in safe mode, btw)
In like Flynn!
Seems perfect now.
Is it safe to come out of Safe Mode or should I install those programs first?
Okay, I've got it on my desktop but it doesn't do anything when I click on it. It asks me if I wanna Run, which Iclick and then...nothing!
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