Ugent Help Needed!

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Btw, the speach balloon that keeps popping up every 20 seconds is trying to flog me XP Antispyware 2009 and, as far as I can tell, it's not a Microsoft-licensed product.
Norton is still stuck where it's at. It doesn't appear to be doing anything at all. The bar is all the way full but it just wont complete.
XP antispyware 2009 is a well known fake scanner.

Let's restart the machine...we'll worry with norton later.

hit f8 when windows starts to load and select "safe mode with network support"
Okay, so just to sum up: Start, Restart then hit F8 just after the annoying Microsoft jingle?
Then network support. Then what?
Can I still get back here?
Probably best telling him to hold CTRL as soon as the computer starts doing a mem check, does the same thing as pressing F8 from what I remember.
How do I know when it'sdoing a mem check? I usualyy take a piss as its starting up and come back to enter my password.
if you successfully loaded safe mode with network support and are able to view this page...try click on the links again.
If you can't read this..:) restart the computer again and let it load windows normally
There seems to be a program blocking access to certain websites...lets try to shut that program running "msconfig"
F8 didn't do anything.
I did notice, on my hopefull journey in, that F1 was Boot Menu and F10 was PC Recovery,if that's of any use...?

Oh,and Norton's finally fucked off for good. All traces erased. Yay! (There's £10 I'' never see again).

Still can't get access via a main link without it opening a new window with some random shitty video site in it though...
hit the start button, select "run" and type "msconfig"...go to the startup tab and select "deselect all" hit apply and reboot the computer.
Alright, give me a minute- I just want to transfer some very valuable files to my mem stick. They;renot too big so it wont take long.
Norton's still hiding in my Add/Remove bit too, the fucker.
Be a shame to lose those picture of a naked Bea Arthur but one must prioritise...
Hmmmm....naked Bea Arthur....(drools) :) I want to see her in threesome with Ernest Bourgnine and Don Amachi. Now that's some super hot saggy senior sex! (vomits a little in the back of my mouth :) )
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