Sock puppets

They won't check.
I am above reproach.

Listen to what stryder said
It's not just based upon IP. We could divulge our methods however doing so potentially means that certain people will look for a way around it.

What I can say however is if multiple people are using the same IP there shouldn't be any problems with them posting as long as they don't make themselves a problem.

The site TOS (Terms of Service, which currently is AWOL.) needs updating to explain that;
I think the not divulging methods thing is fair enough. However proxies/tor networks, public access (libraries to public wifi), other techniques and varying posting style and fake details will always allow sock puppets to be created if one wishes to. The only thing is I can't see why someone would (other than to continually violate TOS etc) have a lot of sock puppets.

Even sites I post on where accounts are deactivated due to little activity over a relatively short period of time still get people exploiting it. If someone wants to they will ALWAYS find a way.

As for me I am happy with my answer (thank you stryder :) ) that it's not a simple IPa factor ban. I worry purely because someone else on my lan might get me banned (unlikely they will) or more likely was someone notices 2 users with same IPa and bans us on the grounds of us being a single person with sockpuppets (I know sites do ban for this reason alone). I don't plan on getting banned or spamming or being very insulting (I know I can get on some people nerves but it's often minor) etc so shouldn't be an issue now since I cleared the only reason that was likely to get me one up.
With sockpuppets, it doesn't matter if you don't wash the sock because we don't have smell-o-vision yet, do we?

If you do wash them do they get lost, though?
Of course not.
It wouldn't even be sneaky if one of your sockpuppets asked me to do it.
if you had any sockpuppets, which of course you don't.

I think you have some sort of a comprehension problem.
I told you I have two socks. But I never use them anymore. Both have but a few posts in their name.
I have three sockpuppets

That you are implying that I am somehow being secretive about my sock puppets ?
Where are they by the way.
They are conspicuous by their absence,
not that you have any.

Because Enmos, I do not believe in Sockpuppets any more:eek:
I did once, but I was younger and more naive.