RAM: how much?

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Computers will be a different animal in as little as 1-2 years. What you're buying now is basically the end of Intel's current architecture and CPU lineup. They're coming out with a new set this year, with processors that won't work with the motherboard in your laptop. In 3 years time, the current CPUs will still be available and cheap... the question is if Apple will provide and install them for you as an upgrade.

Hmm so for work, I should go for the cheapest option for a laptop, because I may need to get another one next year? Whoopie. :mad:
No no no, sorry if that's the impression I gave you. The current technology will work for you really well. I'm just pointing out that after 3 years, you might have the option of upgrading and sticking to the same old architecture, but the new technology will vastly outperform it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to just buy a new laptop again at that time.
Sigh, yeah, anyway, after going through your custom design page link, I realised the new computer will cost me around the same as the old one did, in fact, less. Which is really odd. So MacPro it is.
2 - 4 Gb seems good to me.
But 8Gb sticks are quite cheap now.

"why in the world would anyone need more than 640kb of RAM?" ~ B. Gates
Since you wanted a Mac, their laptop series is very limited I have found 7 only. Also a Mac is usually 40% more expensive than the same PC, in other word, you can get 40% more computing power by going PC, but it is your choice.

All 7 are below 3K:



I think I will get this:

MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2.4GHz


* 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
* 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB
* 200GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm
* SuperDrive 8X DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW)
* MacBook Pro 15-inch Widescreen Display
* Backlit Keyboard (English) / User's Guide
* Accessory kit

I can get it with a 3 year care plan for under $2000 with a free ipod video nano and printer after rebate.

A higher computing power is not worth much when you have to worry about computer crashes and viral infection. Not when I use my computer practically 24X7
One other thing to consider is if you want to use it outside. I simply can't, because the screen is either too dark or mirroring my image. I am still trying to find an option how to use a laptop on the deck or in sunshine...

Just for fun I looked it up at Newegg, this has similar features for only $1100 and it has XP Pro, thus Vista doesn't use up valuable memory:



NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T8300(2.40GHz) 15.4" Wide XGA 2GB Memory DDR2 667 160GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi Intel GMA X3100
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When I go out, its for fun, not to work. I like that the new MacPro has an airline adaptor, thats the one time I can get a lot of work done!
I know, I was just curious how much cheaper the PC for with same characteristics. As I said it is about 30-40%...

Plus if she wanted 4 Giga....
I used a PC before I used a Mac. 10 years vs 3 years respectively. Believe me, I'm not going back. :p
I will help this child out.

Get a MacBook Pro

Get the 15in. if you qant a little longer battery time
Get the 17in., so youi can fit more propaganda on the screen.

Now you heave to realize that you cannot upgrade the monito.

F***, i got to go. In trouble with my bos for spenfind ttoo muuch tim on iternet.

i hve 17in. annd it adjusts to lighting.

you only need 2gig ram. Damn the boss is coming. i hear foot steps. Working in laboratory on discerning life and how it began. Some day you all will read about the dude who...

Too late i just got busted.
Then I really don't understand this thread. You have a very limited choice in Mac since you should know what you are trying to use it for it boils down to 2 max. 3 laptops. Hello???
and fyi, the touchpad on the macs is worth the extra cost alone. Trust John, he knows. i had an HP, because at work they bought us for them but the pad where you mouse is not nearly as good as mac pro book.

Son of a bitch. Now i am in trouble with head honcho. She is ion love with me so i can get out of almost anything.

Watch i eill be here in an hour or so.
Then I really don't understand this thread. You have a very limited choice in Mac since you should know what you are trying to use it for it boils down to 2 max. 3 laptops. Hello???

I can customize in those limited choices but I need the know how to do it optimally. The last time I thought like you and realised retroactively that I should have researched it more, but like this time, I wanted it asap. Now I know exactly what I need. Got the Adobe CS Premium but will wait for new laptop to install it. Will kill me of course, but I have to learn to cultivate some patience! :D

he he. just kidding.

You really need to get out more John, otherwise you'll become eccentric like me. :mad:

Are you sure that is not AirPort wireless network?

Yes I'm sure, I dream about it everytime I get on a plane.
Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

With the MagSafe Airline Adapter, you'll never again worry about losing power while traveling. Just plug it into your airline seat power port and keep your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air computer powered up for the entire flight.
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"Apple is typically tight-lipped about coming products until they're ready to be discussed in detail. But analysts inferred that Oppenheimer means cheaper products are on the way. The most likely candidate: Mac notebooks. Rumors of a major revamp of the notebook line, which accounted for 30% of sales in the quarter, have been rife for months. And sales of notebooks are typically strong during the company's fourth quarter, which covers the back-to-school shopping season."
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