RAM: how much?

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So, Sam, did you get the Mac? I have just ordered an Acer with 3G RAM for $500 from Tigerdirect, and that should be plenty for everything. Built in videocamera too. Big 16" screen. Yummie! I really don't see why anyone should pay over 1K for a laptop, unless special needs.

I am not crazy about Vista, but 3 G RAM should do fine, and I am actually curious how fast/slow it is going to be. My expectation is that it should be faster than the current laptop/desktop.
Nah, didn't I say? I decided to postpone it for a year. Hopefully, my present Mac can last another year!
Yeah, hopefully. I got an iPhone instead.

/well I did have my heart set on a new toy!!! :eek:
i love my laptop. but i use it for a lot of stuff, an iPhone is too small for them. physically.

Yeah, but I used to have to carry it for internet access, emails and music. Now I don't, plus its a phone, with maps and GPS. Its very convenient.
What's all this asshattery!? Yes! RAM! frequently! cost is whatever she charges! It's like the moon, man. The fucking MOON!
Do you often get lost? How the iPhone stands up to a small, 8" laptop?

No but I travel a lot in strange places. I just used it last month to beat the traffic and make it to a play on time. :yay::D

In a cab no less [that guy must have never been so glad to get rid of a pair of backseat drivers!!!!]
All you really need is 4gb of ram. I just got given 8gb's of corsair xms3 ddr3 ram for free, but it's pointless because i already have 8gb's in my pc and i don't need 8gb's at all. The difference is really just not there and it can often cause freezes and microstutter with more ram than 4gb too.
The laptop arrived today. My first experience with Vista, not very crazy about it. Will give it a month...
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