People who are missed

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I'm filling in for him while he's on his enforced holiday, but there's a lot of people to aggravate.

He had "goodbye" at the end of his last post before the temp ban, which I think he might have thought would be a "perma". Kind of loses its dramatic impact on just a three day ban. Meh.
I miss these as well. Also GoofyFish, nico, bonefishkyle, MrAnonymous.... Eh, where have our oldies gone?

I am around a lot more than I used to be though. It's hard to see because everyone else has been taking sciforums for chat rooms and I'm still for quality-not-quantity. You gotta pay attention to see me. Also, you know where to find me if you really want to.

what about meeeee, baby girl??

:( :bawl: :shrug:
Damn, I miss Satyr.
I came in late in the piece and only got a glimpse of his work before he vapourised.

The little that I saw was great and that's easy for me to say because I was clearly too insignificant to insite his wrath.

I did get a kick out of his outrageous conceit and he was obviously a very smart cookie.
So I'm feeling like I missed something.

I was also looking forward to goading and baiting him. This would have me fighting well out my weight division but I liked that idea.

Anyway, I guess I'll never know.
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