People who are missed

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im offended that i am on this list.

i was banned, you british git.

my wife is from ukraine, fucktard.

yeah im good at that.

coming from a nasty canadian hooker, i would take this as a compliment...or at least an indication that im doing something in life correctly.

well, thats a fancy analysis, but nope.
i got banned for calling james by his legal name.
im flattered that you think so highly of my tolerance for this place though. ;)

I see why you got banned the first time!
All the people who kiss shorty_37's ass: from now on you should read this post before you make aforementioned ass-kissing posts.

First off, nobody is kissing my ass around here. Second of all when I referred to losers I meant TDI (Elvis) and his buddy NOAH (another sockpuppet from a banned user)
I hadn't realised that TDI had been banned, i see him on MSN often, i thought he was around

btw TDI that belgium thing was pretty funny
Don't you dare. :bugeye:

I miss my honey, my sweet sugar, a dream I used to have in summer while lying on a bed of grass and flowers. Her image made me smile, her lips reminded me of heaven that I have dared not to touch. As I looked up into the heavens I saw clouds pass and saw her dance there, her golden hair in the wind swayed wildly among the nimbus' clouds, her hands were gentle, her eyes have glimmered and rain followed... And than a moment later I looked up and she was gone forever, a dream forgotten, and only pools of rain remained below of tears she has left for me to gather.
i didn't know TDI and shorty hated eachother so bad

what caused this? was it that whole alter-forum ordeal?
Not open for further replies.