People who are missed

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I think it's more a case of us dolts wallowing in certain qualities that Satyr possesses. In particular, his expertise in illuminating the dark corners of our minds where we fear to tread. He is the torch-bearer. We follow in fear behind.
Ex-members fates:

1. Dr Lou natic BANNED
3. Ron Harvey BANNED
4. Kebabomatic BANNED
5. Paul Samuel KNOBROT
7. Sandy BACK
8. Dreamwalker NO IDEA
Banned , banned , banned a great way to foster free and open discussion , banning is actually intimidation .
9. The devil Inside HISSY FIT
No he left because he was disillusioned , we should email The Devil to come back here and post his reasons , it would be enlightening .
1. the old sciforums i once knew
Precisely the old sciforums I as well also once knew .
Part of the tantrum family?

Tantrum> Strop > Stropola > Stroperoonie > Hissy fit > ?

The question mark represents the pinnacle of achievement in this particular field. Tantrums at this level have no name as yet, and to date only one exponent: our very own spuriousmonkey.

Perhaps he'd be so good as to give a name to what ails him?
What happened to sderenzi? He has been missing for months now he should have come back within a few hours like normal!

Sderenzi became Existabrent; I tried to analyse and advice him in a series of PM's and he went through a life threatening crisis, which he seemed to get over, but then suddenly, he just stopped responding and posting.
Hi Tablariddium

For the record. I am not senderizi or whatnot.
I am Not that person.. I thought he/she was darksidzz/iz.


I also miss Mr Anonymous, deeply actually.

But, You're right. I don't really post anymore, and I'm too fed up and too scared of the outcome of responses to your PMs. Although I had sent a 'last' which you haven't responded to, it probably said very little.

So all is in shits.
Who else do I miss?

There are certain people.
I miss Invert_Nexus posts, as well as PHPlatonica's posts. I miss the discussions with metakron as well as with quantum quack.

I also miss conversing with TOR and others.

Will get to the incomming PM.
Not open for further replies.