How Do You Report Encyclopedia Trolls

All my private information can be freely googled by anyone who so wishes.

Since Cool Skill has been allowed unprecedented freedom in insulting other members I've allowed me unprecedented freedom too.

I and others have the right (according to "your policy") to be protected by the administration from the countless ways that CS has insulted us,
since no measures were taken and CS has been allowed to do whatever he wishes, I don't see why the rules should bind me, if they don't bind him.

And since we've now established that the policy works towards me (and I have nothing against that), why does it not work towards cool skill too (and I have much against that)?

Hypocrisy can only go so far.
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1. So, may we know why the administration systematically fails in enforcing its policy towards cool skill?
2. May we know why Cool Skill is more equal than others and is allowed to insult all other members on Sciforums as well as on the Wiki?
3. Why is he given the exclusive right to decide what information should be on a wiki that anyone supposedly can edit?
4. Why no steps are taken against his actions in altering entries by other members in discussion pages by deliberately changing the words that those members have said?
5. May we know why does the administration suck up to the whims of one particulary egoistic individual and disregards the interests of all the rest of the community, is it a policy too?
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Cool skills problem with having his personal info freely available (something he himself did) is that he is a very vocal pirate and a fraud in the social security system. Regardless he is dumb enough to put his real name out there, I will laugh my ass off when someone comes knocking at his door.
by the way, he has to be banned from the encyclopedia, he's wrecking our finest articles
Exactly, now he's pulling his "I'm lixluke and I am always right" BS on other articles too. Its bad enough he edits the discussion pages and modifies other peoples comments on the article.
Your weakness, addressing the admins here, is that you suck up with morons and due to some bullshit political correctness allow them to expand. Give them the finger and they'll take the hand.
Such people have to be banned, restricted, disposed of, westerners.