How Do You Report Encyclopedia Trolls


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The assholes Redarmy11 and Nickelodeon keep changing my article on the encyclopedia page.

The article simply says:
A member of sciforums that had their screen name changed to lixluke.

These assholes keep changing it to say that I am ballerina and calling me communist and other flames.
Yes edited it, and posted that you are a troll.
Both of you are trolling the encyclopedia putting up flames and false info about me in my article. TROLLS.
Which bits are false, cool skill?

I'm shocked and appalled to hear that the biog may not be completely factually accurate. Believe me, my team and I will do our utmost to erase from history any misrepresentations that are brought to our attention.


redarmy11, on behalf of the Science Encyclopedia Unofficial Administration Team.
I am not trolling. I edited my own article about me correctly, and you continue to change it back to your flame article over and over. Therefore, you are a troll, and I posted that you are a troll on your article.
Dear Mr. cool skill,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Science Encyclopedia Unofficial Administration Team at, in response to a complaint received from yourself on Tuesday 13 March 2007.

In the aforementioned complaint you raise the possibility that our biography of you may contain some factual inaccuracies. I am writing to you now and asking you to provide specific details regarding which aspects of our biography of you may be less than 100% accurate. My team and I take great pride in the diligence with which we research our subjects, and are discomforted by the thought that, on this occasion, we may have allowed some factual errors to 'slip through the net'.

A previous communication asking that you contact us has thus far received no response. I hope this letter finds you well and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours Faithfully,


on behalf of the Sciforums Science Encyclopedia Unofficial Administration Team.
Actually, I agree with a lot that Nick has said..

" * Shouting IRRELEVANT! TROLL! at anyone who even slightly disagrees with him."
Dear Lixluke,

my attention has been brought to a serious case of vandalism. As the official vandalism repellent of the [ENC]unofficial encyclopedia team[/ENC] I immediately launched an investigation.

It seems that someone has registered under the name of [ENC]Lixluke [/ENC]and constantly is vandalizing the [ENC]cool skill[/ENC] page.

Accordingly I have acted immediately and reverted the page back to its original content in my role as unofficial vandalism repellent.

I'm sorry if the lixluke on the encyclopedia has caused you any discomfort.



vandalism repellent/moustache sharpener
[ENC]Unofficial encyclopedia team[/ENC]