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I don't know why u hate it so much, when its both an architectural and psychological feat. Waste of money? probably yes, but what else is money used for if not waste. You should know by now that rich people literaly live in Paradise city, any place as far away from reality and peasants as possible. I like the Palm Island, its amazing we can occassionaly go out on the limb and do somethings like.

It's atrocious and it promotes an atrocious ethic, to say nothing of the actual money wastage.
It's an amazing feat to create islands when and where we want them and to build taller and taller buildings. We're getting better at it, too.

It is fairly pointless, on a global scale. To the developers, it's their retirement and then some. To the people who buy these places, it's keeping up with the Joneses and something to discuss at social gatherings. I'd say that the money will do some good. If you think about the amount of worker migrants who have gone to the UAE and are involved in the booming construction trade, then money is being moved around that part of the world quite well. They probably send money home to relatives, wives, family and so on, and the money is spent in their community.

The kind of people who have shitrakes of money to spend usually feel guilt-tripped or socially responsible to give money to charity, often to be seen giving money to charity, even if it's only to make themselves feel good.

Without the real estate, the islands, the glitz and the glam, I doubt any of these incredibly wealthy people would hand over any money. Without the construction, a lot of migrant workers would have less or no work, and I doubt money would spread as well to poor families throughout Africa the Middle East and Asia. Even if it isn't intentional, charitable effects are probably being seen more than if the construction didn't happen.

the following are proposed projects.

Wow... the difference between '91 and '05 is ridiculous. Where do they get all that money?
I've been informed that the building is done mostly by migrant workers from India. UAE does not give citizenship to foreigners, so those workers (who now make up a considerable portion of the population) live with no rights in awful conditions.

I've also been told that UAE has exhausted its oil reserves and is now servicing oil companies. The opportunities in finance and banking are great there.

That city is a great feat! Yes, it's all for artistic value and not much more, but consider that humans have been creating objects of plain artistic value ever since stone age. The architectural achievements in Dubai are a cool contribution to human civilization. If they can afford to do it, then why not? The money for the building projects comes from the citizens' pockets and it is the natives who live and work in the beautiful residential complexes. It's a great tourist attraction as well as a place where ex-patriots like to stay to make money and relax. American and Russian elite chill there all the time.
Switzerland makes most money from Finance, so why not Dubai? It is catching on. Ghana is setting up a free money zone too. No questions asked, hoping to collect money from the African despots.

The problem with such massive and complex structures is that, if money runs out, due to a short term world financial hickup, they will abandon the place because it takes a lot of workers to maintain those.

It is like those scifi movies, where they show these advanced technical civilizations waging wars and taking on slaves (like stargate) but never show the foundation of the technology products where they need highly educated people to produce these stuff.

Without a support structure, the society will crumble. Until then, enjoy while it lasts....
I spend a modicum on those things; but not $32.7 million dollars. My evil paymasters in Jerusalem simply won't front the cash.

This is a ridiculous example of overweening capitalism. Appalling.

Is 32.7 the real number? Seems impossibly low.

Your movie going to 32.7 million is is like what 32.7 million to military budgets imo.
Dubai is disgusting city, the water there is horrible. And yes they spend money on useless junk like those man-made islands.

Have you been there? I have, and it's fucking amazing. Very peaceful actualy. If I had the dough, I'd move there in a New York minute!

You don't want to know about the numbers of lives lost to make such locations prosper in regards to the oil industry.
according to some people on this board it's only the americans that suffer from corporate greed, it's only america that walks on the backs of the poor.
objective indeed.
My grandparents live there. They took me to the Ice Bar. It was FREAKING AWESOME. Exemplary architecture and very innovative.
I remember reading a quote from a Roman Senator visiting the Great Pyramids and lamenting what a colossal waste of time, energy and money building them were. But who could imagine a world without those monuments. Dubai is building a legacy.
I remember reading a quote from a Roman Senator visiting the Great Pyramids and lamenting what a colossal waste of time, energy and money building them were. But who could imagine a world without those monuments. Dubai is building a legacy.

I don't get why people criticize other people for building something artistic and beautiful. People have always starved and lived in horrible conditions-- if we forwent all artistic expression out of some passion for the redistribution of wealth (and wealth has always been the patron of the arts), then there'd be nothing worth remembering. The old world is loaded with fulsome expenditures which people respect as historic and vital to our culture, but when modern society does the same thing we get lots of annoying caterwauling about that smack of proletariat utilitarianism.

Societies rise and fall, but it's the art that are remembered.

I'm not sure about the Islands, with global warming and islands in the pacific sinking under the rising water, maybe a waste of money. But I really like the mega structure / super sky scraper they are building. ITS HUGE. Anyway, what is money anyway? It's not going to feed the starving because its not edible. It simply a manner in which to motivate people to work.

So I say keep building Dubai!

Also, Dubai needs to remake itself in order to be relevant in a oil-less world. They are literally building their future.
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