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Dubai is the finest city in the world.

Beautiful city, would love to visit it. Now if only the WHOLE mideast was like that!
I have to have trees. I mean serious forests of trees. Too much sand does my mind in. It's almost depressingly void of life IMO. I like to see a LOT of green, have a temperate climate and maybe an occasional day of cold and snow and during spring to smell the flowers and woods.
Perhaps, move back to 10,500 BC - you will see the area as tropical with lush green vegetation and rain....or move forward to another 22,000 years, you may see the same
well than can you meet me in the Past and tell him not to eat to listen to my Parents telling me what to eat? tell me that in the Past, Please.
what was that? Tell you to listen to your parents or not to listen to them?


Or, its in the interest of both parties to keep the other one going.
Have you been there? I have, and it's fucking amazing. Very peaceful actualy. If I had the dough, I'd move there in a New York minute!

I've had the pleasure to visit Dubai twice and it is indeed a surreal place. They're literally building themselves a synthetic paradise out of the desolate desert abyss. I've promised my wife more than once that we'll return on a second honeymoon. Who knows how big it will be when that happens.
Bloody hell thats unbelievable.
Yeah amazingly all the hard work is been done on the backs of under paid asian workers who themselves would never ever have the chance to set foot into these buildings.once they are complete.
The contractors who employ these workers are ruthless slave drivers while The local arabs sit in their air conditioned tents drinking tea watching these poor souls build these structures in the scorching heat!!!
Wonderful ain't it!!!
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