Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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No, I also did not find a CoD multiplayer demo. But I have a Global Ops demo.
Now, I just have to find a halo demo since I only have the full version.
lol I only have the crappy full version too :rolleyes:

But demo would be cool for people here.

We still haven't got a body count yet.

So far I have:


Who else can I add to the list?
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Well, I noticed that [Sci]Dreamwalker is a bit too long for most games, but I try using that name anyway, otherwise I´ll be [Sci]DW, but I am on for the most games.
[Sci]Nuttyfish, or [Sci]Nutty if that's too long. What games are we gonna play first? And when?
Any and all of them. I'll be playing all the ones I mentioned with my alias within the week but as of now we'll stick to the original game; BF1942 - Secret Weapons
I'm tempted to make a crappy cheapo template site about this as well. And one I will update unlike another one I made for this forum //whistles
Hmmm, I´ve got rid of the trojans, I think I´ll put my BF1942- Secret weapons server back online.

It is still labeled Sciforums Dreamwalker and has the IP no password required.
Nice going Dreamie. Will be downloading it as soon as possible.

B.W. has been added
I looked at Global Ops, since there are no servers running, someone hast to create one. Problem is, once you create one, you cannot join it yourself because you cannot get back into the game. There is a seperate program for running dedicate servers and as soon as you try to open the normal game, it says "cannot open game because another program of Global Ops is already running", this also happens when you are already in the game and try to open the server prog.
No-one's playing in Dreamy's server. :(

Chrome MP is another MP demo from Gamer's Hell

Praetorians is an RTS, nothing amazing, for variety from the kill-fests.

XIII MP demo is also available

Gamer's Hell also has quite a few other MP demos. Click the link to see 'em and tell us what you think we should get.

I haven't been added to the list!! [Sci]Nuttyfish is the name ([Sci]Nutty for short).

Battlefield 1942 demo is here.
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