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Tool is indeed by far the greatest band ever!

I haven't been able to get into tool since undertow. The next couple or three of albums didn't really grab me.

My favorite bands (from the same relative period of the 90s) are Fudge Tunnel, The Melvins Monster Magnet, and GodFlesh..........

What the fuck happened? Good music completely dropped off the face of the planet :(
Puscifer was a disappointment to me as well.
I dig what he's doing and where he's going with it, but..it's just not for me.
I love NIN, but I'll agree with the downward spiral after The Downward Spiral.
I did like With Teeth, but not nearly as much as their earlier stuff.
How about APC?

I LOVE APC!!! 13th step was the best! Maynard said he will not be making anymore music with APC though :( makes me sad
Yeah, they announced that a couple of years ago. Or a few. I don't really remember. I got to see them twice before they split, though. Yay. And I have to agree with you guys about the end of good music in the 90's. I haven't found a new band that I liked in a long time.
(Insert title here)

The current avatar is from the comic strip Perry Bible Fellowship. It's a good strip, but that particular one cracked me up, and we were coming off the Hammer demonstration, so I figured to go with something new. (It had been a picture of my daughter for a few years.)

The motto—"Stop pretending you're stupid!"—came about in response to one of my Sciforums neighbors who was pushing what I thought a slightly irrational line about user titles. The phrase isn't actually directed at that user, though. It's directed at the community at large, mostly because it would be inappropriate to publicly single out the users who most need to be reminded.

And my user name derives from the fiction of Steven Brust. What can I say? I like Tiassas. They're easier to get along with than Dragons or Dzur, more trustworthy than Jhereg, and very possibly as faithful as Issolas.
My avatar is paedofinder general from monkey dust. Haven't thought of a title but suggestions welcome (although "by the powers invested in me by the hysterical uneducated masses I find Banjo guilty of satanic possession, he is a paedo dog" would be nice and fit the pic but it doesn't quite fit).

The name I really don't have a clue where that came from.
Schofield!!!!! He creeps me out big time, the man doesn't age it's not natural I tell you. It sounds like a joke but beware of that man! His hair changes yeah but he just started bleaching it white when people noticed he didn't age. It's as thick as it was before it's just white! Something sinister is beneath the surface I just know it. Just you all wait, his secret will come out one day.