Astral Projection

the most incredible dreams i have ever had were ones where i was dreaming that i was flying through the air to visit someone i knew. i would hover over their house and the most eerie sensation would come over me in the dream. it's as if up to the point of the flying part, a part of me is aware that it's a dream or that not taking it too seriously but when i came upon my goal, i had an almost shocked/hushed feeling come over me as if a part of me knew then that there was more to this than a dream. i could so strongly feel and sense as if i was tuning in right at that moment in the dream. i could see every detail and what was going on. it felt so real that i had to ask the other person about it, the one i had visited in my dream.

i've also had dreams of feeling weightless or the opposite, feeling extremely heavy to the point that my body is like a magnet to the ground. i've had dreams where i was weightless and i would float to the ceiling which was not a pleasant experience as much as annoying but it would be in the house so the fall wouldn't be too bad but i've had one where i was outside and i started to float up higher and higher like a balloon and it scared the living shit out of me. it's amazing how accurate the whole experience, views and sensations i experienced seem even though i've never had that experience in real life. when i went so high that i knew if i fell, i would die the level of anxiety and unbelievability that it's happening was so strong. then i remember the rush and sick feeling of falling and the cold fear. of course i died in my dream. these events of being disconnected from gravity and floating away would happen spontaneously and at times that put me in danger and sometimes it was okay if i was in the bed, for example.
hi everyone :)

have you tried using music to help?
there are some sounds that can assist in astral projection or lucid dreaming. binaural beats
they are quite soothing and they helped me a lot!

some have voices to guide you and others are just frequencies played to activate certain parts of the brain.