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Hi people...

Banshee and I are starting a thread for astral projection learning.
Here is where we will explain Astral Projection, what it is and how to do it.
Lets say this is more reading lessons.
Probably mostly posted by Banshee, because she's definetly more experienced in this then I am.

For tips en techniques about learning other psychic powers, drop by 'Learning Psychic Powers *free-4-all*'...

But stick to this one if you are interested in Astral Projection...

The one thing that I have most problems with, is to let go of breathing when you are about to project. Do you have any tips on how to overcome this?

Bebelina ...

Continue to exhale until you reach the surface!

Ooops ... I'm thinking of free ascent. ;)

Take care.
Maybe by distracting yourself whit the astral projection...
Don't try to worry or think about the breathing in the end...
It should be that your body will naturaly take over the main tasks if needed.

I can only give small tips, not the actual things yet, but it'll come in time :)
Bebelina, meditate and let your breathing come from out your belly. Try to breathe equally. Breathe in and out in 10 seconds and keep on doing so. Your body will take over this breath rytme by itself eventually.:)

Then it is no problem any more. If your breathing is in one and the same rythme, you do not have to pay attention to it any more and focus your Inner Self on the Astral Projection.

Let the Energy to do so come from the top of your head.

More information in next reply about the Chakra's. If I can find the words in good understandable english...;)

Patience with me here please....thank you.
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Thanks for the tips, I have to exercise a bit until Saturday, because I haven´t been astrally projecting regularly lately, so I´m a bit rusty. :)
Before I had no problems with the breathing, but now I´m very conscious about it. I can feel the exact moment when the astral body is about to leave the physical body, and that suffocating feeling of your throat closing. It´s like you have to give up breathing for a while until you´re out. And that´s hard, because it feels like dying.
So for me it has also become a task of mastering the fear of dying.

What´s free ascent, ogre?

Every human has 7 Chakra's located in his/her body which are connected with their hormon system.

To make it easier to find and feel these Chakra's they all have a color and an Element or "subject' to go by.

There we go, let's hope it will be a good explanation in english...:)

1. located at the bottom of your body (Tail Chakra)...just above the hair of your sexual equipment: Element is Earth, color is Red.

2. located ca. 10 centimeters below your belly button ( Belly Chakra)...Element is Water, color is Orange.

3. located ca. 10 centimeters above your belly button (Mid rif Chakra)...Element is Fire, color is Yellow.

4. located in the middle of your chest (Heart Chakra)...Element is Air, color is green.

5. located in the middle of your throat (Throat Chakra)...Subject is Communication, color is Light Blue.

6. located between your eyes (Head Chakra)...Subject is Light, color is Dark Blue.

7. located at the very top of your head (Crown Chakra)...more about this one in a later reply.

The Chakra's you can feel if you hold your hand a little above them. They are all in the middle of your body.

Lay down, close your eyes, keep one hand above the location and think of nothing but the color and Element/Subject. For instance 'Red Earth'...

It is not hard to do if you concentrate a little and be serious in finding them.

You know it immediately when you feel a Chakra. Like a 'warmth' coming up from inside your body.

This is a very good 'technic' to meditate also. Go by every Chakra and stay a little while at each of them.
Try to breathe from out your belly and breathe in and out every 10 seconds. Breathe til deep in your belly. Feel the breathing in your belly...

Try it out and be patient. Most of the times you can find them in a little while.

Don't fall asleep...;)
That was my problem with meditating-I fell asleep.

I'll see if I can try the chakra thing out later on. But what about astral projection? Explain to me how to do it, how it works, and how I could get to the Eiffel Tower once I'm in the 'spirit world.' I think to prove the existence of astral projection each of us should think of a two digit number, and then if we actually do get there together we could unite the numbers into one and post them here, to see if we were correct.

I know its hard to believe I'm skeptical. I want Mr. G to embrace at least this whole idea for awhile as I have, just experiment with it. Nothing's going to hurt anyone, just try it out.
Shrike, to get to the Eiffel Tower , once out of your body, you must simply imagine being there, or follow the road that in your mind leads you there. In the astral body you can travel very fast and often instantly from one location to another.
I think the number experiment will not work, it demands too much extra concentration, when one has to focus on the projection. But we can try. I think it will go better if we make an habit out of it, then it could even classify as a "scientific experiment". :D
From now on I will be at the Eiffel Tower, in my astral body, every first Saturday of the month at 12.00 am, anybody who wants to join the experiment can meet me there. :)
I will let you know if my schedule changes.

Great...See you in the next city...Don't be late...(wink smilie)

Rotten computer!
I've decided to remain mostly moot on this topic as anything I might say would no doubt be characterized as Ass_troll Rejection.
Bebelina ...

"What´s free ascent, ogre?"

When you're at depth (diving, etc.) and you have to do an emergency surface
using only the air in your lungs, you have to keep exhaling so as not to tear your
lung tissue apart (otherwise known as an air-embolism).

I love you too, witch. ;)

Take care.
I should never have mentioned the flirting, now should I...:rolleyes: I think Mr.G feels a bit left out here...;)

Diving is a very similar experience to astral projection. The same feeling in the ears. And when you move, it´s almost like in water. So maybe that was not such a bad idea, to exhale until you´re out, or up, I will try that.


Nothing, Mr. G ...

You just focus your attention on Banshee (you old psychic, you)

Take care. :D
help plzzz

i need help with this astral projeting stuff i think i might be trying to hard or sumthin is my head supposed to start shaking by itself and my eyes start opening and closing like twicthing or sumthin this happends with every method i try

my gf can do this like nothing also all she dus is think of a empty room with nothing but a chair in it and sits down focuses on the wall and it happends it usally take her like 1 to 3 minutes and she can do it with noise and she just started like 3 days ago and it happend by accdient
Hi Master_Chief, welcome at Sciforums.

A/P does work most of the time if you are not forcing yourself. If you try to hard you won't get a Projection. What you describe are reactions of your body on your will power. (mindpower)

If your girlfriend can project herself that easily, there must be something more she is capable of.

It is a good way to clear your mind and to let yourself into another dimension, by thinking of an empty room with 1 chair in it. Often it helps to think of something like that or something you feel comfortable with. (waves of the Sea, place you like to be)

You don't have to do it in absolute silence. You can try to project at any time. With Music, other noise, it is just what you feel most comfotable with. That way you have to use.

And don't force yourself, for then nothing will happen.

Take your time with it, take it easy, relax and think only of that what you feel comfortable with. And watch your breathing, calmly...

Let me know what happens with your A/P and if it works out for you.:)

Have a nice day...
I´m simply crap at astral projection :D
I just go to the lodge and mess around with starclusters. Compress reality and stuff it inside. I tried to go to the Eiffel tower and instead just took the form of it :)
I cannot project and simultaneously mantain time/space continum. It just becomes the pinkish goo of nukleoid momentum... it´s nice though :)
Ouch, I let the Lucid Dream Technique by me.

In lucid dreams you are able to control your dreams and even start Astral Projection or OBE.
IF I dream or remember the dream I have these weird combinations.

I just discovered 10 minutes ago that I let it slip by, And the dream was about an hour or 2 ago.

I was walking outside and It was a cloudy but light and worm summer day. <- That's a tip
I walked outside whitout my NY cap <- That would be new, so that's a tip
I was in a place like The Amsterdams rivers <- Dutch, yeah, but I live about 25 to 30 kilometers away from is, That's a tip
I was passing an open air techniligie store, whit glass cases where Rain could leak through <- That's definetly a tip

What do I do, Ignore it...
So that's dissapointing that at the moment I'm blinded by it...

I'll be able sooner or later to get it
Yesterday we had a snow day! And we'll probably have one on friday too! All right!

But that's besides the point. I think, but don't fully believe, that I almost left my body two nights ago. My technique that I use is just imagining my body parts outside of my body. Needless to say I tried this when I went to sleep and it didn't work, so I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to find myself screaming and being shoved down a small pipe. I realized that I was about to have an OBE and chickened out-I had the feeling that my consciousness was at my torso. It was terrifying! Tell me it was a bad dream! I was awake while this was happening-arr it was so scary. I couldn't breath-I was drowning or something and was very cramped.