A Riddle

Here's one I saw in The Times cryptic crossword.

mixed gegs, (9,4)


Excellent riddle Banshee!
No Ideas?

Mixed gegs, (9,4)..

Scrambled Eggs!

Anyone got any good riddles, puzzles or teasers?
Hehe good one here....

Imagine your self in a car, traveling at the the speed of light in a dark room.

You switch on your head lights.

Would you see them?


Imagine yourself inside a closed box. How do you get out?
This depends upo whether or not you are talking about travelling at the speed of light or slightly above it.
Travelling at the speed of light and accounting for the response time of the human nervous system, then no, you probably wouldn't see the beam.
Travelling any amount over c would guarantee that you wouldn't see it.
At any speed below the speed of light then you would see the beam.
Its a Riddle! You have to take it at face value!

No you wouldn't see the light because you are traveling at the same speed as the light thus it couldn;t get infront of you.
let me take your riddle literally..

your headlights are on the front of your car!!

no matter what speed you go, as long as your headlights are on, there will be some refraction through the glass and some reflection from the inside of the headlight, so in order to see your headlights, all you need to do is stick your head out the window and look at them and you will see your headlights..

I don't believe you would see a beam of light from your headlights the same as if you were driving at 80 k's along a road...
If the headlights are in front of you then the light from them has a head start on you. You will never overtake it. So you can't see it.
By the time the refracted and reflected coincidental rays get to the point where your eyes are, they're not there anymore, so you wouldn't see it. The light would have to be travelling faster than c to get to your eyes before you've passed the coincidental rays.

What goes from green to red at the flick of a switch?
I don't believe you would see a beam of light from your headlights the same as if you were driving at 80 k's along a road...
Yes you would its called Relativity.
If the Earth is traveling at the speed of light,& you drive your car down the road at 80 MPH you will still see them.
If you are traveling at the speed of light the light from your headlights is leaving at the speed of light just as it does when you drive down the road at 20 MPH.
Can you not see this.
okay odin............

I didn't say I would see it if I was travelling at c..........
if you had read the posts you would know that moron!!!!

what I am saying is that, if I was to stick my head out of the car as I am travelling at 'c' that I would see the light refracted from the cars headlight lense...

hmmm.. sorry I just over reacted...

so you think that photons can travel faster than light speed!!!

if you are travelling at the speed of light (not possible as yet) and you turn head lights on, you think that the headlights are going to show a bright beam in front of you as you hurtle through space at light speed??

why do you think its called light speed??

need I say more??

why do you think its called light speed??

Because its the speed that light travels at!
Look it up!
The beam from the headlight is travling at the speed of light from the head light.
The fact that the car is travling at the speed of light makes no differance.
"its called relativity"

whats called relativity? do you care to explain it? don't bring it up unless you care to explain it!!!

you shit me!!! don't call this shit when you don't know what you are talking about!!

sorry but I'm in a bad mood atm....

I don't want shit stupid answers so you better answer well or not at all!!!
this is the internet, I can't actually hurt you... though I may be bigger than you should matter not at all, please let your feelings out and let them be hindered by nothing!!!

Ladies, Gentlemen!

Please let's not hav e fisticuffs here. :)

I understand now the refraction theory.
If there is light travelling away from the lamp at a sufficiently obtuse angle, then it's rate of displacement along the line of travel of the car must be less than the speed of the rays travelling parallel to the car. So if you stick your head far enough out of the window, the photons would be overtaken by you.

Green to red at the flick of a switch?

Toad in a blender.

fisticuffs aside...

not every photon could be spoken for...

some would be visible from refraction and reflection through the lense!!!!

no one piss me off LOL I'm just kidding :)
Einstein's Theory of Relativity

The best thing is to ask your physics teacher to explain it to you!
Or ask James R on here he is physicist!