A Riddle


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I was walking in the woods and I found it
So I sat down to look for it
Because I couldn't see it
Home with me I took it.

It is....?
is it a tick, cos you can get those here in australia and bring them home :)

pepper ticks can be hard to find when you sit down and look for them..
I guess the answer could be a thorn..

I was walking in the woods and I found it (stepped on a thorn)
so I sat down to look for it (couldn't find the embeded thorn)
because I couldn't see it (the thorn was below the skin)
home with me I took it!! (hobbling all the way)


come on guys, lets here some guesses, If i can have a go at this there are many intelligent people here that could possibly guess the answer..
Okay, Regin_Of_Error you pushed me to guess....

My answer...
"Your Self!"

I was walking in the woods and I found it (Find Myself)
I can guess that sitting down to "Find yourself" is pondering over who you are, and where your life is going, this could be classed as "looking".
You can't see yourself because you haven't a mirror.
So you take yourself home.

okay Stryder, you make me think more philosophically..

I was walking in the woods and I found it (serenity)
so I sat down to look for it (spent a while contimplating life)
because I couldn't see it (couldnt see what the problem was)
home with me I took it (the problem was not resolved mentally and was still a mental burden)

Sounds like a load of shit :) I like my thorn version better LOL

Some of you guys are close.
In order of nearness.

Keep trying.

I want the answer on the card, ladies and gentlemen.

The person to find the exact answer is the only one who is not 'the Weakest Linkt'


I would have guessed a splinter, but that's almost a thorn. It fits the riddle.
A smurf dammit!
Clumsy you sat on it.
Walked mindlessly home with it stuck between your buttcheeks.
I know, it happened to me too... twice.
You mean one of those funny little blue creatures with the odd hats?

**laughs hysterically at image of smurf being shaken senseless while in the vise grip of buttcheeks**
And 100,000 points to Adam!

Well done.

A Splinter
is the exact answer.

Try this one...

Using the same seven letters, in the same order, complete:

The ******* doctor was *** **** to operate because there was ** *****.
Well done...

I see that that one was far too easy!

No clues this time.

Try this...

What's the difference between a lion in agony and a wet day?

One ..... with ......
the other ..... with ......
Nope... you're trending in the wrong direction!

One roars with pain the other pours with rain.
Again, too easy!

This is either really easy or really hard, depending on your background.

Take all of the integers up to 256 and multiply them together. ALL of them.
In your head.
Now. :)