A Riddle

Sorry the answer doesn't fit on the small LCD screen implanted on my forhead:eek: :eek:
Re: Again, too easy!

Originally posted by esp
This is either really easy or really hard, depending on your background.

Take all of the integers up to 256 and multiply them together. ALL of them.
In your head.
Now. :)

Would the answer be Zero?

I can't remember if Zero is considered an integer or not.
'Course it is!


Zero is an integer, being a whole number and not negative.
Multiply anything by zero and you get ... zero.

Another old one...

What gets smaller the more you put into it?
That's what I thought, yes. A hole... Almost the same as 'What grows, but becomes smaller'.;)

When this riddle is solved, can I post another..?
Another Riddle...

Guess the last Riddle by Esp is solved, so here is another one for you all:

Without wings I fly. Without eyes I can see. Without arms I can climb. I am more frightening than any Animal. I am smart, merciless and great and in the end I reign over everything.

What am I?...:cool:

You come pretty close with, the human mind, it is not exactly right though.

Guess again...:cool:
brain activity during sleep???

i can fly in my dreams, I see visions, but without my eyes.
I can climp with my teeth:D if I want in dreams, or if other meaning- climp up the evolution chain or smth.
--I am more frightening than any Animal--nightmares

-- I am smart, merciless and great and in the end I reign over everything.--

Can be or do anything I want in my dreams.
All is possible there.

BTW-how many shoots does each one get per riddle?:D
And so we can go on for days.:)

The correct answer is: Imagination!

Next riddle please...:cool: