Worst. Sunburn. Ever.

See? Luci thinks you're a bad person, too!

Today it's better, mostly from drinking water and taking Tylenol. No more open sores. For the record, I think not overshowering helps.

i didnt say he was a bad person he just confused me (which right now isnt hard to do)
No, we all agree Anti-Flag is bad. (If you don't agree, he'll start feeling good about himself.)
Oh, you people are just like family. :p I'll take a picture of my scabby nose to shush you hounds when I get home if you're good.
(In Mac's mind: Don't say "who's your daddy"...Don't say "who's your daddy")

Who's your Daddy?


Yeah!!! I love pictures of scabby women! :)

Probably better than you like them in person! :D

I agree, I'm bad. That's why everyone likes me.

I think that's the basis, yes.

Ham on. Ham on. Ham on whole wheat and rye.

Oh, sorry, wrong song.

That was a good song.

Sad news: I think I waited too long to photograph the scabs. They're not showing good at all. But I promise the next time something bad happens to me or a loved one, I will take pictures!
takandjive, i know you were burnt badly, but I have a story for you.

Last summer me and my cousin went to our local beach. Before going he picked up some psilocybin "shrooms" and some powder-like weed called "kieff". I had never tried the drugs before so I was new to the scene but I told him I would try the stuff. When we were at the beach, I smoked the kief in a bowl and ate the shrooms in my car then went out on the beach and drank a Corona. During the trip I lost complete track of time and just enjoyed the visuals while holding my hands behind my head and my cap over my eyes. Mind you, I wasn't wearing any sunblock. I baked for nearly 4 hours in one place then got up to find the worst sunburn of my life. Seriously, I'm sure my DNA got damaged. To this day I can still see the faint lines of where I was burnt. I came back home later that day and my pupils were still dialated!
My oldest brother stood on the edge of the drawer that is under the stove. (The broiler drawer I think its called) He was trying to see what was cooking. A few hrs later HUGE blisters appeared. My youngest brother spent the next 3 days trying (and sometimes succeeding) stomping on them.
I once went deep sea fishing in Galveston bay. It was a 4 hour ride out, 4 hours of fishing, and 4 hours back. I was so exhaused after fishing, I went up to the sun deck at the top of the boat, and laid down on a lounger for the ride home. I rested my beer on my stomach, holding on to it with both hands. I fell asleep for the whole 4 hours, and when I awoke, I was red as a lobster, with the exception of a perfect beer-sized circle of white on my stomach, with two arm-sized white areas on either side. It was pretty hilarious looking, especially when I started peeling.
In advance: Shut up, and I hate you for whatever joke you're going to make. ;)

Everything is so sunburned, it's blistered. EVERYTHING. I wore sunscreen. I'm not that pale.

I'm red all over except in my hairline because it's so thick. My upper back, butt, stomach, shoulders, chest, and nose have blisters. Now, in his infinite wisdom, my dad suggested vinegar. That was terrible. I've been using aloe, some kind of sunburn gel, Benedryl, and prescription pain medication. So right now my plan is to go to my doctor tomorrow and sit around without clothes on seeing no one today.

I also realize this is a little funny, or a lot funny if you're not the one sticking to your chair. Any suggestions are welcome about certain things, like what I've dubbed "sun herpes." I don't think my explanations are needed. Thanks.

try getting some omega oils into you , 3-6-9 in the proper balance of course , 2-1-1 as much as you can take , with food