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OH JOY!!!!, from MI

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Jun 29, 2013
    1. Orleander
    2. Dywyddyr
      Only a couple of days. Before that it was "Nuclear-powered Penguin".
    3. spidergoat
      I love you, Orleander.
    4. SomethingClever
      I know this all sounds like a load of shit. too bizarre and fucked up to be true. think whatever you like, but everything I've mentioned is based in reality. good day.
    5. Dywyddyr
      Back soon. (Well, on the 23rd - my download limit has been reached) :(
    6. Orleander
      We put our boat in over at the other side of the lake and drive over to the beach. Unpack a picnic and snag a table/grill. Then back into teh boat for fishing. Lots of bluegill adn perch. My son did catch a pike once (17 yrs ago) All those teeth at teh end of his line made him toss pole and all into teh water. My husband was devastated. lol Why are you visiting here? I don't remember (sorry)
    7. quantum_wave
      Yes, there was a big public beach with nice facilities that had lots of people in and around the water. There was a sandbar out from there where many boaters were anchored and swimming. It was a very nice day. I'm aware of the roller rink but we didn't make it there. I'll have more time next year I hope. Of course the AIR Zoo has to be high on the agenda next trip :).
    8. cluelusshusbund
      Updated recipie:::

      I toast my steel cut oats at 350 for 30 minutes befor i use 'em.!!!

      Put 1 1/2 cup steel cut oats in a 4 quart microwaveable contaner... add 10 cups water... cook in microwave on full power for 10 minutes... then cook on power 5 for 30 minutes... then cover an let stand overnite in frige... then stir... an scoop out 1 cup servins to reheat in microwave for breakfast.!!!

      Makes 10 servins (lasts us for 5 days).!!!

    9. Gremmie
      I dunno.. I'm far from being as educated as some of the posters here. I'm certainly no scientist..I will, one of these days..Maybe.
    10. Orleander
      I got kinda bored here.
    11. Captain Kremmen
      Captain Kremmen
      Orleander. You don't post as much as you used to.
      What's happened?
    12. scifes
    13. Orleander
      No, you just aren't drinking enough.
    14. Dywyddyr
      I'm a GUY!! I don't dance.
    15. Dywyddyr
      Ice carving? Brrr!
      "Family do": aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party.
    16. christa
      being homeless lol... just got net for a bit.. about to head back to the shelter.. lol
    17. visceral_instinct
      No probs! *hugs*
    18. cluelusshusbund
      LMAO!! Has she called me names yet? If not, she'll be back.
      Ive only been here less than a year.... how long has she been ridin you'r azz... LOL.!!!

      Anyhow... it mus be perty good cause she keeps comin bak for mor :-)

      But serously... what horrible thang did you do to her to deserve bein her misson in life.???
    19. christa
      hes wrong in more then 1 aspect.. and i cant even put words to it.. tho I do agree he should just be banned.. the name calling is wrong. noone needs to be called thos things!!
    20. Orleander
      agreed, but he feeds off your anger. Its why he made the harpoon comment. He does that in various threads. Its what he does. Its called being a lonely ugly asshole that no one wants to shake hands with let alone sleep with. =)
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    raised on AF bases around the US. After parents divorce raised in SD Black Hills, then NE Sandhills.

    reading, gardening