The Feminization of Man

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Satyr, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Satyr Banned Banned

    Who said anythnig about me, you pathetic simpeton?
    Do you think all opinions have to benefit you, personally, so as to be true?

    Is that why you seek for the subjective advantage behind any utternace of perspective?

    Not all minds are like yours.
    This doesn't have to benefit me at all. It is as it is.

    I do. But why would I tell you what my mind takes advantage of?
    Work it out yourself. Why would I care to enlighten you?

    This isn't a lesson, imbecile, this is me shoving your tiny little minds in the crap you call thoughts and opinions.

    Retard, your subtle manipulations and pulling of my strings were inspiring.

    Now make me care.

    Ah retard, I'm going to miss you when I eventually get banned from this crap-hole.
    Your intellect is the equal of lightgigantic but, unlike him, you are willing to play.

    Let us play along.
    Let us say that I am...and how does this change the conclusions of the essay or make you less obtuse than you really are?

    You being a pussy and a coward has nothing to do with me.
    Whether I live or die you still remain thick.
    What makes you inferior is that you cannot even bring yourself to see what you are.

    Oh yeah, and then what would I do?

    I love the "LOL" touch. it's a common practice for the uncomfortable to feign indifference through nervous laughter and pretended mirth.
    It alleviates anxiety.
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  3. Satyr Banned Banned

    Watch this moron defend his investment in the very system that enslaves him.

    It's not that he admits the necessity but that he makes it into a virtue, that's particularly disgusting:
    If he were a brown cow, like Ballsy, he would be licking his master's boots and thanking God for being allowed to contribute to the farm that feeds him and his children.
    He would worship the very man that keeps him tied up, because his belly is full while his brain is empty.
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  5. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    I love you, you bitch. Hurt me more.
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  7. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Your conclusions are crapola. Why are you projecting your own issues and faults onto me, pussy coward? I love your simple hypocrisy. Why are you so unoriginal and yet you think you are so brilliant?

    What the fuck do I have to be uncomfortable about? I'm pretty sure I have a higher iq than you.

    Since you haven't figured it out Satyr, I'll tell ya now. I don't like you or your inhumane views. That's the only reason I like to fuck with you.
  8. Satyr Banned Banned

    Bend over, Biatch!!!

    Manipulate me to fulfillment...use that mouth of yours.
    You are my favorite type of female: Willing, Thick and Dim.
  9. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Oh Satyr, do you feel enslaved? Aww. You can come out and admit it. I won't bite.
  10. Satyr Banned Banned

    Nice comeback.

    I'm reflecting, imbecile, not projecting.
    That's what's funny.
    Do you see yourself?

    How can I not feel brilliant around you?

    A-ha!.....numbers....tell me your size and I'll tell you mine.
    I don't think you'll like my number.

    Retard, you are uncomfortable because I'm uncovering what you most deeply feel insecure about.
    You know, as I know, that you are a sad, pathetic, stupid little idiot who bends over daily and kisses the ass that farts in your face, because you are too afraid of what might become of you if you ever looked in the mirror honestly and without that veil of bullshit you use to hide behind.
    Because you've grown dependent and so resentful of the very thing you have submitted to.

    Because your intelligence is bought and regurgitated tripe.
  11. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    You are projecting, not reflecting. I know that's hard for you to comprehend that truth. This whole thread has been about "your" feelings of entrapment and enslavement. You are the pussy and the coward. You are the one who is resentful. Did you know that it was obvious? You are so simple to figure out.
  12. Satyr Banned Banned

    Good, you've figured me out.
    You are now safe.
    Return to your regular stupidity. Go back to being a biatch.
  13. Grantywanty Registered Senior Member

  14. Satyr Banned Banned

    Imbecile, this entire thread is about masculinity.

    What would be an example of a new-school PC insult?


    What boxes?
    I just see assholes.

    What about attacking others as old PC, is that new PC?

    You are fucked up!!!!
    You've constructed this myth to continue being a moron and a faggot.

    All social interaction is about repression, imbecile.
    What old-school, new-school bull-crap?!!!
    All social interactions, ALL!!!!!!!, are about repression.
    Societies prefer feminine traits because they result in harmonious unities based on this repression and self-censorship.

    Are you even aware of my positions?

    Ouch, you did...and you didn't even have the decency to suck on it before I tucked it back in.

    I enjoy it when idiots think they've figured me out.

    Oh yeah, you know me, alright.

    Are you the one that's supposed to defend this someone I want to beat up?

    My toughness, or lack of, still doesn't make you any less of a pussy.
    you know, as i know, that you like the safety and comforts of political-correctness because you avoid being told the truth, that way.
    You defend the weak because you feel weak; you can relate to them.
    you defend the system because you are dependent on it and you're afraid of going without it.

    This is fun!!!
    Your responses, so far, to my positions have been enlightening.
    You've displayed a deeper knowledge and awareness.

    What was it again?
    Old-school PC, excuses new-school PC or does it level it into a tautology?

    Is this the "I know I am but so are you" schoolyard argument?
    Nice one.

    That's only because you are so open minded and objective.
    Imbecile, does any of this have anything to do with the essay?

    My cowardice or bravery still doesn't disprove your stupidity.

    So far your only contribution an assessment that all social unities depend or repressed behavior, thoughts and language and your erroneous assessment that the past conservative is the masculine ideal I am referring to or that the past social arrangements were not feminine.
    retard, ALL, ALL social unities depend upon the repression of unwanted personal traits.
    This is feminization.
    The sacrifice of a piece of self, of pure self, for the sake of survival.
    In larger unities, the piece is larger and larger, seeking a mediocre, slavish, tolerant and passive ideal.

    How easy, you are.
    Do you actually think this defensive style is not one I've encountered before?

    every time the weak are confronted with a threatening idea, they attack the messenger, thinknig that by defaming him they do away with the reality of what is said or they focus on the person rather than the ideas, thinknig that their aspersions about the author are, somehow, arguments agaisnt the positions.

    That's it, continue.
    I love it.
    I've never been laid.
    Tell me more.

    I've been told this.
    It must be true.

    Unlike you, I assume.
    Yes, I never have anything to say.

    You mean, unlike yours?

    undoubtedly they do and I suspect they do for those like you.

    I do have a small penis.
    Yes, that's it.
    What speaks against our necessary delusions must be dysfunctional.


    I do beleive you've just, single handedly, presented a cogent, well-thought out, and rational argument agaisnt the thesis of my essay.

    Good job.
  15. Bells Staff Member

    More beige really. Judging from the photos I have seen of you in the past, you are way more brown than I could ever be. Anywho, shades of brown aside..

    You still don't get it? Yes the system educates, controls and authorises behaviour. But it is up to the free individual whether they follow the "system" or allows itself to be controlled. You are free and have the ability to make choices.

    Only glance through them just before wiping.

    Yes. And? It is still up to you to decide whether you wish to follow or go elsewhere. Your mind still has the freedom to create its own thoughts and values and most importantly, to make decisions.

    Animals kept in the barn are kept there by force. Your mind is not forced into submission, unless you willingly allow it to be. You have free choice. And if you really were a free individual, you would not care about what punishment society may place upon you. But you do. That is evident enough by the fact that you are a man who walks free but is too much of a wimp to speak out in public, preferring to only hide behind the anonymity that the internet provides you.

    Yes of course it is a method of quarantine. But again, you are still free to break the rules of political correctness. You are free to go elsewhere, where political correctness is not the norm. But you do not. You prefer to instead delude yourself of your superiority by going to places that are ruled by political correctness and telling others they are sheep, not realising your very presence here makes you more of a sheep then they are. You have the freedom to leave the 'quarantined area', but you choose not to. Preferring to return again and again. For example, you come here willingly knowing it is moderated, only to complain that the rules are a form of mind controlling political correctness. That makes you the bigger retard.

    And what of you? Do you go up to a crippled stranger on the street and call them a cripple? Or do you simply think it to yourself, and then deem yourself superior for having referred to them as a 'cripple' in your own mind?

    Correction. We establish a 'parameter' of behaviour and those wishing to participate can do so, and they are free to think as they so choose. The only person who sets the parameters on your thoughts is you. No ones everyone to act the same or to be the same. How utterly boring. You on the other hand wants and expects everyone to simply agree with you and any disagreement that is directed against you, you only have the capacity to call them a retard. Do you call that 'thinking'? Personally I find individuals who can only resort to this kind of response to be lacking.

    You want to set the parameters on how others think. That does not make you masculine. It just makes you weak.

    As are you honeybuns. After all, for all your complaining about mediocrity, you seem to just want to keep coming back. That says a lot about you my dear.

    Can I ask, why do you keep returning, even after you have been kicked out? I personally cannot understand why anyone would keep returning to the thing that causes them to be bored. Why continuously and willingly surround yourself with stupidity when you have the freedom to not do so? Isn't that a bit 'retarded'?

    I personally gain no satisfaction from seeing twats make fools of themselves repeatedly. As I have said to you before, you are free to have whatever thoughts you wish to have. You can also behave as you please. I do however mind when you lower the intellectual standards by merely resorting to the childish retort of 'retard'. Don't you get it? You lower the discussion to the point where pathetic little insults abound. Your form of debate is to make it stupid. Instead of discussing, you insult, thinking that makes you superior, when the opposite is true. You see sweetpea, a truly enlightened individual can debate against detractors without resorting to calling them retards. Your manner of discourse only makes you what you accuse others of being.

    You expect your opinion to be respected. You are quite open in that desire when one considers how you treat others who hold a differing opinion to your own.

    Were you a gem, I would agree with you. But you are merely a lump of rock, a boring hack who draws from the insights of others and then tries to claim it as his own. Do you honestly think you are being insightful? Tell me where? Because any 'gems' from you are lost in the childish manner of your posting.
  16. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    *feels the sexual tension between bells and satyr*

  17. Xev Registered Senior Member

    You so beat me to it.
    Why's she being so kind with the infraction-izing? Why's he sending her pictures? Why's she referring to them? Why is his speech peppered with naughty innuendos about punishment and submission?

    To that end: Satyr, there would certainly not be any punching of my smoochy-woochy Dr. House. I would make lamb vindaloo while he rolled me a fat joint and then we would get high and watch nature channel specials about aquatic life.
  18. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    yeah lol, you know they want to bang each other. bells wants to bend him over and feminize his ass****.

    Bells: "Yeah bitch this is the real feminization of man, take it like a girl"

    Satyr: "you retarded imbicile, give it to me now"

  19. Xev Registered Senior Member

    No no - it'd be like, Bells is dressed up as a sexy stern schoolteacher:

    "Oh you've stepped out of line Satyr, I'm going to give you a big infraction!"
    "You're pathetic and weak! (Nietzsche quote goes here)"
    "No talking back! 5 infraction points!"
    "Oooh, this hurts so gooooood"
  20. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    they are making forumatic love in the guise of debate. (i dont care if forumatic is not a word, it is now). yeah i think your right though, satyr seeks discipline and punishment like a naughty schoolboy. bells happily provides it with a strict whip and cane.

    Bells: "what did i tell you young man, no speaking with your mouth full"

    Satyr: "sorry miss, i wont dissobey you agai....."

    as she shoves his head back down between her legs.

  21. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Dude, she's a step away from making him wear her underwear as punishment.

    "Yeah, YEAH Satyr, you're just a little sissy-boy aren't you!"

    I bet they have a safe-word all set up, too.

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  22. Bells Staff Member

    Shush you two.

    Talk about killing the mood.

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  23. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    satyr insisted it was either retard or imbecile, aslong as he got to say it.


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