The Feminization of Man

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Satyr, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    an audience can spice things up.

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  3. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Indeed. I have pictures of the happy couple:


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    Aww! Such a cute couple!
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  5. draqon Banned Banned

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  7. Satyr Banned Banned

    Oops...I got another infraction.
    How long before I'm permanently banned, me wonder?

    Are you sure.
    Who said anything about following, Brown Cow? I'm trapped in it.

    Tell me how are choices derived?

    Try using the paper instead of your mouth.

    Imbecile I am trapped in a barn where the animals get to decide my fate...they vote!!!!

    Look at them! Look at these minds at work!!!
    These brains affect my life.

    I'm Satyr, Brown Cow.
    Do you think I come here for seriousness; with the likes of you and your brothers and sisters?
    I wouldn't waste my time.

    This is a game. I come for sport.

    Big Brown Cow, there's a difference between being a hypocrite for your own sake and being a hypocrite to yourself.
    The first pretends he agrees, the second actually does.

    These imbeciles, that you moderate as your peers, are of the kind that actually believe that it is wrong to even think it.

    What makes you deserving of gems, fucked-up bitch?!!!

    I only have two pearls for you.

    Xev & EmptyForceOfChi
    I'm trying to add her to my "collection", my precious princess and her momentary minion.

    Mmmmm, I wonder where this little piece of fantasy came from.

    Yes, I wear her underwear like a tent.
  8. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    20 points is the usual threshold.

    Your previous ban seemed a bit long, so I shortened it slightly.

    Perhaps if you try debating without the personal insults...

    Just a thought.
  9. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Mmmmm, I wonder where this little piece of fantasy came from.

    It's not fantasy, I've been reading the PM's you guys send each other.
    Just a bit of silliness since someguy hasn't come back with his original idea. A contented person makes a bad consumer, so discontent is indulged. But not too much! Granty has been closest though - "Industrial Society and its future" indeed.
  10. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Satyr reminds me of the KKK ringleader type. He's always afraid of the "others." He'd make a good, boring anal-retentive accountant. No color, no soul, no compassion, no subtlety, no heart, no appreciation for anything besides his cutthroat tasteless vision of dreary antiperfection.
  11. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    So I'm on page 2 of the ILovePhilosophy thread and it's already giving up its precious things. Know why Satyr keeps coming back here? This is what he gets at his favourite haunt (we join the action just after some drunken teenager has shown our hero insufficient reverence:
    [quote="détrop", ie some geek at]

    Fuck off, Dog.

    Satyr could crush you like a bug under his boot.

    You are about the dumbest thing I've seen at ILP in about six months, and that's counting the kids who ride the short bus.

    Word of advice: listen to Satyr.

    You're not going to teach him anything he doesn't already know, kid.

    As a distant friend once put it, you wear your ignorance like a badge of honor.[/quote]
    I ask you. Who could cope with that level of sycophancy for long? No wonder he has to come back here for a reality check now and again. I hope you're not letting all that adulation go to your big head, my love.

    The bloke I've quoted - détrop - seems to fancy himself as some kind of Übermensch too, and he flirts with Satyr so unashamedly it's embarrassing. It's quite sweet in a way too though.
  12. Xev Registered Senior Member

    "Back in those days homosexuality was an aesthetic practice and it evolved from the indignation of women"

    Oh my, someone tried to sound intelligent and fucked up!
  13. Satyr Banned Banned

    And so need is perpetuated and the needy made even more so.

    Another selective excerpt from the Docile and the Ignorant.

    YeallowRiver13 you just get it, man.

    Yes this place is, indeed, a dose of 'reality' for me. It refreshes me with its wise freshness and cool depths.

    You people define the philosophical spirit.
    Especially you.

    What's the matter retard, jealous?
    A little....huh?

    That's it, you're on to me now, simpleton.
    Psychoanalyze me some more.

    I love it.
    You are doing a good job on my thesis, as well.
    I haven t' listened to such well-thought out arguments and positions since the sixth-grade.

    Continue. I think you're getting me, more and more.
    That's me in a nutshell, right there.

    How nice that your position have the added advantage of being self-flattering...or is that the only advantage?

    Oh well, so much for playing.
    You people bored me already.

    Back to the real world.
  14. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Satyr, please answer this question with a yes or no. Do you think the police were protecting the weak and worthless in busting this pedophile ring and convicting the perpetrators? Is there sexual drive and their advantage of power over these children justification for what they do and do you think they should be allowed to?

  15. s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally Valued Senior Member

    How would you describe or psychoanalyze yourself, Satyr?
  16. sniffy Banned Banned

    Oh stop it you're upsetting the children with your nastiness...
  17. Satyr Banned Banned

    1,896 true simplistic fashion you attempt to simplify, by stacking the deck in your moralistic favor, using a highly emotionally charged and moralistic argument.

    Here it is.
    The police were protecting the weak.
    If these children lacked the parental supervision or the brains to avoid such a fate then so be it.

    Do you think it right for a baby gazelle to be eaten alive by a pride of lions, you pathetic imbecile?
    But that is the way of nature.

    Using your human moral standards to impose upon circumstances a judgment rooted in your own sense of insecurity and fear, is disgusting.

    If life scares you and you need to protect yourself behind this moral and social shield to feel safe, you pathetic coward, then how is your opinion objective or even relevant?
    You've got the mind of a girl....because you are one, aren't you, sweetie?
    A brain rooted in cultural ideals and social moral standards pulling on your delicate heart-strings.

    Everything comes to you from the perspective and with the underlying motive of sparing yourself the discomforts and uncertainties of existence.

    If there is anything that has produced disrespectful and unjustifiably arrogant as well as undisciplined stupid minds it is this absence of fear that underlies respect and control.
    As a result imbeciles, like you, grow up all arrogant and feeling worthy because there's an entire system guaranteeing your safety and respectability.

    What a fucking emotional and selctive brain you have.
    The mark of a sub-human intellect.
    A feminine mind.

    Now now, are you asking me to do all the work for you?
    Why would I drop my pants for you, sweetie? You haven't even bought me dinner.
    I'll let you suck my cock if you plead some more.

    For now just call me ill or weird or dysfunctional or...a loser will suffice.

    I'm a shit-disturber and there's certainly enough shit in here to make a game out of it. :shrug:
  18. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Just like I thought you are a piece of shit. It's also unfuckingbelievably ludicrous that you call anyone else a simpleton because that is exactly what you are. You are not satisfied unless you've riddled everything down to your comfort level of a common denominator and you whine about equality. You are a hypocritical braindead, amoral piece of pigshit. You are the one that's disgusting you nasty, worthless, "self-serving" reptilian ugly fuck.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2007
  19. Satyr Banned Banned

    It's because of bleeding heart, pseudo-altruistic imbeciles and cowards like her who want to rid the universe of all that frightens them and "correct" nature and her ways, that we're faced with the consequences of naive idealism projecting its own insecurities upon those that remind them of how things are, and that's when we're in trouble.

    Deconstruction is anathema to these dolts, because they need to exist on a superficial feel-good, simplistic level where reality and what natural phenomena make them uncomfortable are quarantined and cleansed from anything that terrifies them or they are left hidden in ignorance.
    Let's sweep the pieces of nasty reality under the subconscious carpet and tell ourselves they aren't there.

    Then they have the audacity to call others cowards.

    When the herd is sheltered from culling then mad-cow disease comes in, to make these fat cows and their tender-loin calves into victims, nevertheless, stumbling and falling like drunkard sailors at the dock.

    Watch it, this pathetic feminized brain, express its moralistic disdain on a natural phenomenon, as if it deserved better.
    The sanctity of life and the dignity of the undeserving governs the mind-farts of these cretins.
    They then redefine the universe and spin reality and call that 'normal'.
    They use emotional arguments because they lack the objective clarity to formulate a cogent rational one.

    Here is a brain sheltered from the cruel vicious world, fighting tooth and nail to preserve its domesticity and corralled 'wildness', crying for help at the first sound of predators at the gate.

    This is what civilization leads into a repetitive a loop of 'golden ages' falling into decadence.
    What happens to a wolf which is tamed, not allowed to grow up or express its will, growing dependent on its master and retarded into a constant state of adolescence?
    It becomes a dog.

    What happens to a human?
    It becomes a woman.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2007
  20. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    You are a coward, you whine about feminization because you are afraid of it. It doesn't even stop you from being what you are. You do not like individualism, you want people to be just like you. You like dogs, not cats because you are one. You are no more objective than anyone else.

    You don't want any burdens but yourself because you are weak. You don't give a shit about anything else and you interpret those who do as being cowards or weak when they care or empathize, something you don't understand because that's not what you are because you are totally selfish and antisocial. That is self-serving. If you don't like the society that's feeding your ass, go live in the woods asshole. You don't have anymore right to make society serve your needs without regard to others than they do you, braindead mutherfucker.

    When most soldiers go to war, it's to protect their country and loved ones. Not destructiveness and power-strutting for it's own sake, you weakass bastard. It's to protect the best and precious in life because that's what they value. I would defend those who are more innocent and loving than me because I believe these are the types of people who deserve to live and would make a better world. Not everything that is valuable is hard, nasty, and miserable, disgusting fuck.
  21. Satyr Banned Banned

    Dear idiot, are you now admitting that feminization is occurring?

    That's it I'm afraid of it.
    Tell me more.

    Oh God this is precious.
    Are you an individual, you simpleton?
    You are part of a carbon-copied human, society produces by the droves using morality, education, economics and indoctrination, not to mention law & order methods.

    Oh this is good.
    I do like pussy, though.

    Well if you say so, dear.
    another declarative statement with no supporting arguments and no connection to the thesis.

    That's're closer now.

    How can it be self-serving when I don't know who I am?

    Cry me a river, precious.
    I do beleive this conversation is nearing it end.

    Oh shit this is wonderful.
    Yes, those imbeciles that were talked into or forced to go off and kill or be killed were all aware that the war was about oil.
    I'm sure.
    no, they weren't idiots, and victims of their own stupidity and social pressures, no they were brave.

    Yes they use that moral angle with retarded minds.

    Retardation defending retardation.

    Yes, this is a rational western feminine mind.
    Enjoy it fellas.

    A specimen of the very thesis I present, meant only for the few that can understand it.
  22. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    All you do is write B-rated, self-serving bullshit. Why don't you practice what you preach, fuker. Have you gone out and killed any weaklings lately or are you afraid of the law and your ass getting plowed? Who's weak and who's strong fuker? It looks like you are a conformist that you hate so much. So put up or shut up.

    You are so unrealistic, you are too much of a coward to live up to your deranged ego.
  23. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Hah! Had you understood me, you wouldn't be posting this shite.

    You bought into an ideal that in the hope that it is going to tear down the way things are, and you're too naive to realize that you're just supporting a bad, old system. Toughness, self-improvement, domination, family, pulling-oneself-up-by-one's-boots, all the defunct-yet-useful signs of a profoundly middle-class mentality. And to think that you could make it subversive by making it honest! You're more American than I am.

    Cynicism is sooo easy when you're intelligent and a bit too sensitive for your own good, isn't it?

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