The Feminization of Man

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Satyr, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Heh! Explain how that is not masculine? No society can survive by total individualism. But that is what he is arguing for, a patriarchal militaristic society because of those who take power and control without regard to others. Surviving and thriving are not the same. Those who excel in cutthroat societies, which is Satyr's idea of advancement will end up similar to North Korea.
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  3. Grantywanty Registered Senior Member

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2007
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  5. Satyr Banned Banned

    No, I feel soft and pretty. :bagpuss:

    Ballsy, your debating style is as confused and jumbled as your tiny little mind is.
    But it follows.

    Really, you fat cow?
    So being a stupid, subjugated automaton makes you masculine?

    I don't think makes you like you.

    Why don't you stick your head back up your ass where you feel nice and warm?

    You pathetic simpleton you have no idea what challenges I face or have faced.

    If the idea that the universe doesn't give a shit about you and that there is no such thing as equality frightens you, you fuckin' coward, then give up the pretense that you are thinking.

    My boot on the neck of a sub-human, like you.
    Now that's progress!!!

    Oh shit...this is fun. :mufc:

    There's nothing funnier than a sub-human unaware of its own stupidity.

    You are....pussy-whipped!!!
    Is that so nit-wit?
    You just get-it!!!

    Let's see who the real coward is:

    Here is an imbecile defending the very system that keeps him safe and cared for, accusing another of cowardice; afraid of the natural selection process, accusing another of cowardice; terrified of what it would mean if there were inferior and superior human beings and...well you get the picture.

    Sorry, did I offend you with my honesty?
    I know you are used to, and you now prefer, sitting around with others who hide their disdain for you or who mask their sense of superiority over you with etiquette and pretended civility, but too bad.

    There's no PC there, imbecile, just good old honesty. You know the kind your brand of political-correctness wants to hide and pretend that the pretense is the actual.

    When a retard, like you, wants the rules changed so that nobody gets hurt or offended - especially not you - or forced to face reality and then calls reality another PC, that is fuckin' pathetic.

    I would be inclined to call you mentally challenged, but this too would be too honest and brutal to be considered acceptable social behavior.

    Yes indeed, directness and honest discourse is another form of PC.

    It reminds me of the Christian argument that denying God is another faith based belief.
    Good one.
    They use it to excuse the absence of argument and reason in their thinking...just like you are doing.

    This form of argument is based on turning the tables on the adversary you cannot compete against and showering them with the accusations you know your positions are guilty of.

    It's not a form of PC to speak my mind and express how pathetic and weak I think you are. That's just honesty, you simpleton!

    Okay you proved that you can count to two, now what?

    I don't feel good by picking on you, I feel greEEEAT!!!

    Did I make you feel bad, you poor thang?!

    Is the reality of a cold and cruel universe too frightening for you to cope?
    Do you need to hide behind a man made bubble where all reality is kept away or given a spin that softens the hurt?

    Who said I'm a man, stupid?
    I'm a goat-man, a Satyr.

    really? And did you pull that one from outa yuor asshole, genius?

    How would you know, you freak?

    And does the good guy come in, now, to rescue them from destruction and force them to live happily ever after?

    All social interaction, imbecile, is a result of weakness. It's a compromise for survival's sake to tolerate and share with others.
    The larger the group the larger the compromise and self-repression needed.

    You are proof of the dumbing-down this eventually leads to.

    Who cares if I'm the fittest, moron?!

    Does this change the fact that you are a product of indoctrination and conformity and a stupid imbecile living in a bubble-world?

    I love the psychoanalysis, by the way.
    Very astute.

    The only PC I'm interested in is the one that allows imbeciles, like you, to believe they are smart because nobody was allowed to tell them the truth and because they have been sheltered and protected from the big bad world by mommy and daddy and the police force and the lawyers, coming to beleive that they are worth something when they are but a sack o' shit!!

    It's when enough retards, like you, are allowed to ...what the other imbecile called flourish....when retards like George W. attain leadership positions and it is when inferior human beings, like you, are allowed to reproduce and are defended and protected from nature and reality by a series of laws and rules and a network of institutions and technologies that weakness is propagated and decadence ensues.

    Maybe the Unibomber Manifesto deserves a second look, huh?

    Hey, if and when you ever have a kid and he's or she's as retarded and cowardly as you are, then don't tell it what it is. Hide the truth, change the rules of the game in his favor so that he never tastes defeat and grows up to beleive himself a winner, unjustifiably, when he's really a freaking loser like you are.
    You know, chew his food for him, lower the standards so he never fails. If he's ugly change the concept of beauty to be superficial and not as important as 'inner beauty', if he's fat call him 'big boned', if he's an imbecile call him 'challenged', if he's weird call him special.
    you know water down reality so nobody ever gets hurt...then call anyone that reveals it dysfunctional or simply accuse them of being guilty of the very same thing so you can justify, to your self, the continuation of this cowardly and pathetic practice of avoiding the truth.
    And preempt an attack, the realization of what you are, by accusing the other first of the very things you see in yourself.

    Call them a coward so that your cowardice is not exposed.
    Call them PC so that your own self-censoring dilution and denial is avoided.

    Play those girly games you do so well.

    Ta....and ...ta...
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  7. sniffy Banned Banned

    wow satyr angry...about something

    retard, moron, imbecile, pussy, asshole, wimp, etc ooh ouch all those NASTY words. Even said the f word and that is just oooh naughty and breaks all those rules.

    I think what you are trying to say is
    Take off your blindfolds people and see the cold, hard universe for what it is. And let the men be men and the women be women and oooh It's horrible and nasty and shit happens and you're all blind to it and oh you're so PC and nicey and I'm shocking and daring and therefore

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I win. :jason:

    Said it and said it in fewer words.

    Anybody got anything to say that we don't know already?
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2007
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Oh so pretty...

    To quote you my dear.. "it makes you like you". This thread is called 'The Feminization of Man' after all.

    It takes a special kind of individual to blame his weakness on others. Weakness dwells in the mind and if a man feels that society has somehow weakened him (through being forced to abide by PC rules for example), then the man himself is a weak individual and society has no role in his mental retardation. The only thing you truly own is your mind. Until you sell it to fund your addiction of self worth, and in that, you are a weak individual. You are but a tool of your society.

    You are, frankly, boring and too predictable to be interesting. So now just call me fat, stupid, retarded, etc. Lets just get it over with. Ech.. I'm going to bed.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2007
  9. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Prison's probably the most manly environment. Even the women are manly in prison. The only people who aren't manly in prison are the bitches. They're bitches because they aren't manly. It's an interesting arena, where a lot of the social niceties are stripped away. Life in the raw.

    What would you be in prison, Satyr? Would you be a man or a bitch? I reckon you'd be a bitch.

    Anyway. What's certain about our future, if we survive long enough, is that man will marry machine. Yes, this could mean that sexuality as we know it will vanish, but it's only one possibility among many. I don't share your confidence in imagining how things will develop and what the consequences will be for our gender roles. My own suspicion is that things are set to get seriously weird in ways that not even a genius like you can predict or comprehend. Will it be progress or utter disaster? No-one knows, which is exciting.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2007
  10. Satyr Banned Banned

    Wow, what a stupid escape, using the back door?

    Speak for yourself, Brown Cow.

    If society has no role then in what way does nature have a role?
    Society produces an environment.
    A mind develops within it.

    The system educates, controls resources, authorizes behaviors, rewards the is this, Brown Cow, not decisive?

    Have you ever read a book?

    In Orwell's fantasy world, ideas were controlled by eliminating or redefining words.
    Political-correctness, is a form of redefining and controlling words and their usage.
    It's a form of mind-control.

    Unlike what the retard said, abuse is not a political-correctness, it is the free regin of expression no more than an animal living in the wild is as domesticated as the one living in the barn.

    Political-correctness is a method of eradicating all socially undesirable pieces of rality that contradict and confront cultural and social norms.
    It is a method or quarantine.

    You call a cripple, physically challenged or you disallow any expressions of judgments that create social frictions, so as to retain harmonious coexistence by constructing a bubble-reality within which the rules change, the measuring standards are redefined to allow for the illusion of equality or equal potential.
    you might even lower the testing so that everyone is included into the mediocrity.
    You establish an acceptable parameter of thought and action so as to keep everyone comfortably average and behaving thinking in the same way.

    Just like you, my Ballsy Brown internet authority figure, are doing just that in this very forum.

    This is why it is now a cesspool of mediocrity and boring stupidity.
    and how well you do your job - perhaps gaining some form of satisfaction from it - as you become the 'decider' of what is healthy or acceptable thinknig and behaving.
    All that to not chase off the imbeciles or cause them too much hurt.
    Instead you create a medium of retardation where any opinion, no matter how inane, must be respected or confronted with civility, offering the illusion that no matter how pathetic and stupid the opinion-holder is he still deserves respect and his opinion still warrants consideration.

    In the end this creates an environment where the gems are lost in an avalanche of crap and where soemthing insightful is drowned out in a crescendo of stupidity.
  11. Satyr Banned Banned

    Of course I would, precious. I would be YOUR bitch.

    Now go off and play with your friends.
  12. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Heh. I edited.
  13. mountainhare Banned Banned

    So Satyr, you essentially believe that humans should behave according to instinct, instead of being constrained by societal constructs?

    But what if it's instinctual for humans to create such constructs, and indeed, invent political correctness?
  14. Satyr Banned Banned

    It's necessary.
    Necessity becomes an instinct.

    It's unavoidable that the universe will produce larger and more complicated unities - in response to entropy - and that the individual parts will be forced to adapt, by specializing and become useful to the whole. this will result in a diminishing of the individual within multiplicity.
    We are all weak, to varying degrees, and this forces compromises and sacrifices. But let us not call them virtues.

    What the red-retard neglect to consider is the effect the absence of accessible frontiers is having on the human psyche.
    It is the diminishing spaces and resources that force this compromising and forced subjugation.

    If frontiers were accessible then some would opt to make their own way and establish their own rules and moral codes, reverting back to survival of the fittest.
    The dumb and weak would, once more, become minions and means to an end.

    As things stand there is nowhere to escape to and so one is forced into the underground or into hypocrisy.

    Not the reatrded many;they acept whatever rules and moral systems the environment provides them with.
  15. sniffy Banned Banned

    Survival of fittest mentioned quite a lot by you Satyr. Might you be confusing this with survivial of the most adaptable? Adaptation is what encourages survival thus the 'fittest' in this sense is fittest for any given environment. If the environment changes then humans will have to adapt in whatever way necessary to survive, or fail. If changes are too rapid and adaptation too slow then it's curtains. PC or not PC that is not the question....
  16. Gustav Banned Banned

    i dont get it
    why the baseless attacks on satyr?

    some civility please
    i insist
  17. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Uh, Satyr. You are not fit and you are not a genius. These people are fucking nuts if they think you are. I KNOW for a fact you are a dumb incredulous fuck. Everything you post is something everyone already is aware of and you speak of it as you are the original messenger.

    Your idea of advancement is provincial and narrow-minded. Those who are defined as 'weak' can develop strengths depending on the society. It's all black and white to you. A society makes the strong and the weak as much as the natural environment and disasters dictates who survives and does not.

    I feel sorry for you as you seem to be an empty shell with empty pseudo-intellectualism. Your desire to not be burdened by anything else is also a weakness.
  18. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Heh. Popcorn.
  19. redarmy11 Registered Senior Member

    Good news then, Satyr. We're due to get lots of new genetic and bio-technological frontiers to explore. Rugged pioneers like you will have a field day.

    But, anyway, I'm curious: is this thesis of yours descriptive or prescriptive? It does indeed seem inevitable that, in a society as large and complex as ours, a brave few will forever lead and the rest of us will meekly follow. Biological and technological revolutions there will be but these will, in the long view, be mere ripples on an otherwise calm sea. Our lords and betters will do their best to usher in each new era with a minimum of fuss and we'll allow ourselves to be herded into whatever pen they want to keep us in. There just doesn't seem to be any escape from this. So I'm wondering: do you have a viable alternative in mind... or are you just pissing in the wind?
    I've worked hard massaging this little lady's ego and coaxing her out of her shell. Don't disillusion the stupid slut.
  20. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    No fuck einstein. You are one pompous and presumptuous moron. You are part of that system and now that the tables are being turned you can't handle it. What makes you think you are not part of the dumb and weak? Stupid fuck.
  21. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    Lol, like he has what it takes to be a part of the really intelligent elite. He would probably call them coddled pussies as they experiment on his ass. What a piece of work.
  22. Satyr Banned Banned


    No!, No, less civility. Give me that raw honesty behind all the bullshit you people call a mind.

    I smell it on your breath.

    Will tis result in some moderator sending you a personal message about an infraction?
    I hope not.

    I believe you KNOWING about FACTS is what makes you so incredibly obtuse.

    You, my pee-brained internet toy, are nothing but a glorified idiot, who has taken his sheltered environment as a superior one - how
    self-serving of you - and your pampered, naive, gullible mind as worthy of respect - how convenient for you.

    I claim no originality...and yet there you are blowing mind-farts to the contrary of what you just stated.
    Knowing and understanding are not the same thing, you pathetic, stupid mindless imbecile!!!

    "Provincial", oh my, how quaint.
    Retard, neither is sounding smart the same as being smart.
    You reek of stupidity and no English demeanor will change the emptiness between your ass ears.

    Yes, of course, compared to your graying nuanced perspective of total obliviousness.

    Develop strengths?
    Retard are you aware how stupid you really are?

    Retard, the system depends on your obtuseness for its viability.
    Specialization or expertise is another way of saying selective awareness.

    If the system prevent or disallows certain expressions of individuality, let us say more masculine ones, then your "strengths" become how lady-like you manage to become.
    You are certainly on the right track.
    You sound more and more like the pussy you are.

    Oh Jeez, this again.
    Imbecile it's unfortunate that the full awareness of your own stupidity is not accessible to you. This would be self-destructive and so you are spared the realization.

    Yes, I am an empty-shell and you represent a full one. Bravo!!!!
    Given that comparison I would rather be empty of your level thickness.

    Here's my weakness:
    I'm forced to care what idiots like you think. My daily life and interests depend on reading and understanding and adapting to the mind's of weak, cowards and stupid morons.
    I have to pretend you are making sense.
    But not here, darling.
    Here the full extent of my opinions for the likes of you and your kind will be unleashed.

    But thanks for the sentiments.
    I'm touched.

    More corn than pop.
  23. peta9 Registered Senior Member

    You still cannot comprehend your own stupidity. Building of a society means you must take care of those who contribute to it. The 'weak' and 'strong' are labels with huge variables. You, Satyr, have your head so far up your rectum it's mindnumbing.

    You don't know what I do for a living or how I contribute to society. Obtuse?

    If you are so strong, why do you whine incessantly? Why can't you take the opportunities available to you and make something of yourself and surpass others? Nothing is stopping you except for your own weaknesses which you blame on others.

    I suggest you embrace that scared little boy inside of you. That's what your real problem is. I think it's sad you are a fragmented individual.

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