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A vandal is somebody that intentionally destroys, or damages, another's property. Originally a German tribe known for their acts of vandalism, although nobody knew it was vandalism until they met the Vandals.

Vandalism on the SciForums Encyclopedia

Within the Sciforums Encyclopedia, vandalism is any act with intent to disintegrate or destroy legitimate content. Legitimate content is any content that contributes meaningfully to the grand idea of Sciforums or the Encyclopedia, or is seen as a legitimate contribution by a substantial number of wiki editors.

Vandalism can in some cases be done by spamming. This is when an identical spam message, or a similar looking spam message is repeated on several pages. This could include vandalizing the member pages of people that the vandal dislikes or is engaged with in a revert war. Destroying member pages in an act of vandalism with spam often can lead to harassment. For instance when the spam message contains various insults often in capital letters.

Vandalism is the antithesis of producing new content.

Vandalism can also be carried out by SciForums members to wipe out or "re-write" history of themselves that the vandal disagrees with. Some members obviously can't handle the truth about their behaviour on the forum.

Vandalism in the name of Jesus is freedom.