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You know the little thingamajigger that people sometimes put at the end of posts in User talk pages and the Current events section? It kinda looks like this:

domesticated om 11:01, 29 November 2009 (EST)

It's called a Signature. It's basically a stamp that Science Encyclopedia editors use whenever they post messages. They do not go in the "article" section (just in case you were wondering). If you have just edited an article (for example), you don't have to post a signature......but if you post a message in a user:talk page or in current events you do!

Sooooooo ...... you wanna know a shortcut for posting signatures? OK - somewhere on your keyboard is a little squiggly character that looks like a retarded hyphen. If you have a normal keyboard, it's probably next to the number "1".....OK....see it now? Are you on a netbook? Yours doesn't have one? What a piece of crap.
The squiggly character is called a tilde. If you post 4 of them in a row, it will automatically create your signature. Here is what 4 tildes look like when lined up in a row:


Pretty cool eh?