Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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Sometimes abbreviated RTCW, Return To Castle Wolfenstein is an online first-person shooter videogame released in 1999 that still enjoys marginal popularity among the psychologically marginal. GeoffP in particular is addicted to it. But it is hardly one of the best PC games ever according to most people. Most people being spuriousmonkey.

RTCW Expressions

pwnage: verb. To "pwn" is to be much, much better than your opponent, or else really soundly thrash him. "pwnage" is the action of "pwn".

Nade: short of "grenade".

FFS: 'for fuck's sake'. This expression is usually invoked after faulty airstrikes, Panzerfaust hits or accidental nading or backrage of your teammates. Also when one is stopped against all odds by a total noob.


RTCW is a "sequel" to the popular game Wolfenstein 3D which made 1st person shooters popular. Nazi symbols aplenty.

  • The enemy is weakened
  • Yes
  • Wunderbar!
  • Medic!
  • Disarm ze dynamite!