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Nuttyfish is/was a member of SciForums until his unexplained disappearance in early 2005, explained by his account becoming completely buggerfied. He blamed admins, since he's a paranoid sort, but admins said they had no idea what was going on. He was never heard of again.


Nuttyfish came about as the online manifestation of his real-life counter-part, herein known as Alberto. Alberto needed a screen-name to join Tibia, at the recommendation of his friend Communist Hamster. Unfortunately, Tibia turned out to be a horrifying testament as to why free online games are free. 'twas gobshite.

However, this newfound name needed an outlet to the world, and so, on a chilly May day in 2004, Nuttyfish signed up to SciForums, hoping to find an outlet for his grand ideas and anti-wit.


Nuttyfish's shortlived life on SciForums was colourful, yet brief. During the five months of his online existence, Nuttyfish became a welcome face among the Free Thoughts and Cesspool crowds. Of course, this didn't lend much weight to what he had to say, but he said it anyway, and had a good time doing it.

During a hole-ridden argument promoting Swastikas and pills, Nuttyfish had a stroke of brilliance, which would become the second greatest thing he is (not) remembered for. On June 17th, 2004, the 1001 Ways To Know You've Been Looking At Too Much thread was born. Reaching 1280 "ways", 48 pages and 949 replies, this marathon thread propelled Nuttyfish into the international public eye. Soon, newspapers everywhere clamoured for that elusive exclusive, trying to see what inspired Nuttyfish to create such a SciForums landmark thread. Little did the world know; this was only the warm-up.

In October of 2004, the world-famous Word Association[1] thread was created in Free Thoughts. Just a way to pass time in an ICT lesson, the thread soon caught momentum from other members of the community, spreading into a forum-wide frenzy of association, quick-posting and constant page refreshes. The thread was soon moved to the Cesspool for being too damn useless, yet too damn big. As of June 11th, 2004, the thread has 316 pages and 6318 replies, making it, officially, the longest thread on SciForums. Nuttyfish blames this thread for causing his account "error".

Nuttyfish was also a semi-active member of the great Scivillage, and it's later incarnation, The Isles Of Sci[2]. He tried to help set up a clan, once, but it didn't get much past the "Battlefield 1942: SWOWWII Demo" phase. Still, he wore his SCI tag online for two years, much to the confusion of, like, everyone.

Critical Response


  • He had a brief reappearance as Neo-Nuttyfish, but soon fell victim to yet another account error
  • He is the inventor of Dudish-dude
  • Everyone loved him, really.