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Scivillage is a classic thread on sciforums created by Cool Skill, who later changed his name into Lix-something. Members assumed an identity that was based on living in a fictious village.

Style of Scivillage

Spuriousmonkey introduced in post 36[1] of the scivillage thread the journal style entry. Here he described how his day went in scivillage. This led to the development of an extensive storyline.

recurring themes

scirum and drunkenness

In spuriousmonkey's very first journal entry he introduced one of the memes that would penetrate the scivillage thread: the plan to set up a distillery to brew his own booze which would later be named scirum. Another meme that flowed from the distillery idea was the constant state of drunkenness of some members of the village. This led to the birth of extra characters such as the drinks cabinet on wheels.

Outcast and the tiger

Spuriousmonkey the outcast often crossed the path with Kunax the tiger. Usually the completely misinterpreted each other's motives leading to comical situations.

Tea at Swedishfish's hut

scivillagers would often end up at the hut belonging to Swedisfish to have some tea and maybe some cake.

Village members and their profession

Farmer: cosmictraveler, ScRaMbLe (drunk)
Sanitation Manager: Italiano
Pooper-Scooper: Proud_Muslim
Hunter/Scout: Seven
Hunter/Excavator: Dreamwalker
Hunter: Lemming3k
Craftsman: spidergoat
Assistant: Silverback
Blacksmith: DCLXVI, Absane
Zookeeper: Raven
Butcher: RonVolk
Chef: tablariddim, one_raven
Tailor: MISSunderstanding@
Traveling Construction Worker: Invert_nexus
Healer: firdroirich
Alchemist: zonabi
Scientist: TruthSeeker
Genius: cool skill
Lord: Eluminate
Barber: certified psycho (general)
Historian: guthrie (floater)
Explorer: Persol (caveman)
Child Care: Eddie
Undertaker: Madscientist1
Town Crier: Nebuchadnezzaar
Psychiatrist: Dudish dude
Communist: Ozymandias, Communist Hamster
Conspirator: SwedishFish
Bard: NeoBeetnik38
Clown: Morteza Olangui
Confused Nomad: jadedflower
Crone: cyberia
Unecessary Surgeon: Dr Lou Natic
Village Doom-Cryer: Paul W. Dixon
Idiot: ihavenoname083, whitewolf
Hippy: My Sexy Blue Feet
Tiger: Kunax
Unicorn: Jenyar
Giant Butterfly: purple_hairstreak
Fish: Nuttyfish
Tree: vslayer
Nerd Overlord: wesmorris (damnit)
Hermit: Rappaccini
Outcast: spuriousmonkey
Sage: yumum
Deity: ILikeSalt
Priest: korey
Critic: Walker
Lurker: RateLimit
Unbeliever: letitbe2
Mutant: WellCookedFetus
Bum: Guyute****
Femboy: Jolly Rodger
Analprobed: crazymikey
Bartender: Rogue Consciousness
Drunk: RebelWithoutACow
Pimp: daydream_believer, Godless
Whore/Bike: sargentlard, austere
Psychedelic Frog: Arditezza
Witch: Water****
General Naysayer: GeoffP