George W. Bush

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George W Bush was the former president of the USA. He won through default of the electoral college.

Good Things George W. Bush Did

  • He brought peace and prosperity and the American way of life to the ungrateful people of Iraq
  • He was the first president to win elections by losing them, but that was because God desired so.
  • He made Americans rich. Not all. Only the ones that contributed to his campaign.
  • George W. Bush drinks his own pee.

Bad Things George W. Bush Did

  • He and his administration lied to the American public and said Iraq had WMD.
  • He and his administration brought death and destruction to the innocent people of Iraq; many Iraq citizens and U.S. soldiers have been killed.
  • He and his administration have fed the people of America false information, making them live in fear through propaganda.
  • He and his administration have tortured people in various detention centers and prisons violating human rights.
  • He and his administration passed the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is a set of rules that allows the violation of many amendments set forth in the Bill of Rights, including but not limited to: illegal search and seizure (listening in on our conversations and peeking into the books we read and worse in cases where "terrorist activity is suspected"), being held without trial when you are "suspected of terrorist activity", being tried without an option for a jury trial when you are "suspected of terrorist activity", violating freedom of speech (the things you say could have you suspected of terrorist activity).
  • He does not care about the damage being done to our environment.
  • As a result of his endless bullying the world hates the U.S. more than it did before.


  • George W. Bush has a mysterious collection of little boys shoes in his attic.
  • George W. Bush likes to torture small animals.
  • George W. Bush is the puppet of a higher being that controls him telepathically from an underground realm of the dead.