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http://home.comcast.net/~infinitycrops/dys.jpg WARNING: This article seems to have been written by a particularly dense, blind dyslexic.
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darksidZz or the poll dancer previously known as sderenzi, is a member of sciforums. He has an incessant fascination for starting polls and frequently drenches the threads with tales of his loneliness, nonexistent sex life and droolings from rape fantasies. His previous username was sderenzi prior to taking the new name he was banned for basically requesting it, a short time passed and all was well. Later he found himself being drawn to the unique conversations and appearant 'familiar atmosphere' that SciForums exhibited. Thus he became yet again associated with its rigamoro. Now I would write more but am sleepy, also I am not a troll or Cuckoo Cuckoo :P

PS Hi I luV u


What is the first name of darksidZz? Sam.

Where does darksidZz live? In his head, mainly.

Is darksidZz single? Terminally.

Does darksidZz believe in UFO's & Alien Abductions? It's extremely likely.

Did darksidZz ever like a girl named Carmen? Yes but, unfortunately, she showed an interest only in whoring around with everyone except him.