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B3TA is website dedicated to the Web, presided over by the white ghost of Furtive, the kleptomaniac polar bear. Every week they send out a newsletter with the good stuff on the internet. The core of B3TA is the message board where members post humorous graphical files that they potatochopped (photoshopped) or animated themselves. Pasting material from other people is against the rules.

The frontpage consists of a selection of best entries. It is a great honour to be selected for the frontpage.

B3TA was founded by Rob Manuel, Denise Wilton and Cal Henderson.

Every week a new image challenge is issued for the members.

Recurring themes

  • don't touch the ham
  • CDC penis
  • fluffy animal
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Shark jumping at helicopter
  • Woo Yay reply for excellent contributions.
  • Pea-roasts