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A decade of bad hair, synthesised pop music and open display of wonderful chest hair[1].

http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/gallery/2002/01/17/dpub_jason80s.jpg oh dear!

The 80s were the anti-anti-worst decade ever, meaning the opposite of best. Everyone who disagrees was not young in the 80s, people like spuriousmonkey who insists on calling the 80s the best decade ever. Redarmy11 is a known 80s vandal who doesn't appreciate the 80s. Bbecause he had acne in the 80s. Whereas spuriousmonkey had every Duran Duran album ever made, including Japanese releases that he had to import specially, plus his favourite band member was John Taylor and he tried to copy his hairstyle once but, predictably, it all went horribly wrong and he got laughed at by everyone at his school. Anyway he's a big gay and probably fancies George Michael. The End. Redarmy11 dated Eileen. And he constantly moaned: 'come on Eileen' when he wanted to touch her small tits. This was turned into a smash hitsong a year later in 1982 by the Dexys Midnight Runners. Eileen declined redarmy11's desperate advances, causing redarmy11 to hate the 80s although he should also hate GeoffP and athelwunf.

Classic 80s Television

Miami Vice

Miami Vice taught the world that you can be cool without wearing socks with leather shoes. We are thankful though that Smellovision™ hadn't been introduced yet.

Crap or the best Music of the 80s

Art of Noise


Go West



A Flock of Seagulls

Adam Ant


Men Without Hats

Power Station

Simple Minds

Spandau Ballet

Wang Chung


John Foxx

Hall & Oates


Kid Creole and his effing Coconuts

Thompson 'Twins' (who weren't actually twins at all!)

The Style Council

Kool and the Gang

Haircut 100

Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. In fact all electro. In fact all electronic music.

Butthole Surfers

The Melvins, and all those other noisy, smelly bands

Everything else written, recorded or performed between January 1st 1980 and December 31st 1989 inclusive.