Your thoughts can modify your genes

Intelligence is a general mental capability that involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas and language, and learn. In psychology, the study of intelligence is related to the study of personality.

Ever heard of empathy? - You fail to see the bigger picture.

This member is entitled to their opinion and so am I and youself. Ill remind you that Darwin who has formed the basic principle of genetics we now use today based his observations on what he saw and did not apply enough scientific knowledge to make it reliable.

The user said he experienced 'depression' this is a mental state and he managed to overcome it without the use of medicine user his own mind. If this belief does not cause any problems to his life and he does not need to know about genetics then this is a fine technique.

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thought can effect the physical development of the brain - I read a few articles in Discover et al about how regular meditation pratice has been shown to change how the brain works on a chemical level.

Changing DNA, though, is a whole nother can of worms, and I doubt it could be done in any effective way. Certainly, mental state can effect the chemical make of body and mind, and the chemical state of the physical body can effect the mutation rate of DNA...but such minor effects causing any noticable or directable change is wishful thinking, IMO.
spuriousmonkey said:
Your genetic makeup allows for mental change. Your DNA doesn't get changed.

How then we aquire anything which we can pass to our children?

Effects of "thoughts" or "specific thoughts" was a topic of my great interest. Sometimes I think, when we can get cloned outside, why we can't "refress" ourselves within us(with memory) by deep thoughts/ specific attunements/instruction to our cells or new cells?
via random mutation in the genetic structure of reproductive cells.

Lemarkian evolution doesn't exist - things that we aquire during life, like a broken nose or a missing finger, *aren't* passed on.

I don't understand your second paragraph. :confused:
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We can also got effected with chronic problems during our lifetime, which can persist for whole of our life & also passed on to our children. How we experiance those changes through out our life as suppression & resistances?

Second para may mean a great so bit difficult. Think about effects of "self hypnosis".
Kumar said:
We can also got effected with chronic problems during our lifetime, which can persist for whole of our life & also passed on to our children.
I suppose there are some ways in which parents’ “chronic problems” might be passed to their children: people suffering from chronic infections (bacterial or viral) might infect their children, smokers might damage their children via passive smoking, people with mental illness might physically hurt their children etc.

But as river-wind stated, if you are talking about mutations in genes then only germline mutations are passed on to the next generation. Somatic mutations acquired during the person’s lifetime are not passed on.<P>
Yes true. Now the question will be that, can a person do something to repair Somatic mutations by specific thoughts, meditations or deep concentration?
Whether aquired chracteristics, tempraments etc. are not passed onto next generations?
oh, ah, quitter, i've got news for you!did some research on this stuff, and genes cannot be modified by the immense power of anybody's thoughts...assuming you have any.quark...oops, quitter, perhaps you should go back to school and read a bit.i believe studying is something else you quit, so just read a popular science book called "the selfish gene" by Richard Dawkins of you guys, there're some pretty bits of news coming your way, courtesy deptt. of zoology, B.H.U.