Your thoughts can modify your genes


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It seems that DNA can be affected by vibrations and voice (?!).

Read carefully the next article and tell me: is tha a real discovey or a fake one? What about the microworm holes?

I dont know if that its real but i believe that we can afftect DNA with thoughts. I mean, with your power of will you can change yourself. My DNA says "you are depressive". My spirit says:"No i am will see".

Its need a lot of strenght but you can dictate to your DNA that your thoughts are stronger than it.

DNA its an expression of our spirit, not the opposite. We are spirits made into flesh and not flesh that became spirit.
I don't know about modyfying your genes with your thoughts, but gene expression is certainly affected by your mental state, even dramatically by things like mental stress. I didn't read your article btw, too much UFO and psychic stuff in there for me.
You are correct. In the article there are to many ufos stuff.

Just read the first half.

About changing my dna with thoughts i am not speaking in a spiritual way. I just wanted to say that we can win to our DNA.

If you nature says that you are a sad person, or someone that its shy, for example, you can change that.

YOu can train you mind in order to not be shy or to be happy. You are "wining" your DNA because you doing the opposite of what you should be. I experienced that by myself (i was naturally shy with girls, depressive, blabla, etc but i trained myself enough and now i am completly different).

The main message that i wanna tell its this: dont think that you cannot change your life just because DNA or scientists tells that you cannot do anything to modify your nature. Believe, because it will happen if you figth for it.
and I what's WRONG with shyness? can be really appealing

just be who you are. let neither scientists or ascetics tell you you are wrong to be who you ARE. which is constantly changing also
In overcoming your shyness what makes you think you were 'winning' your DNA. ['Beating' your DNA might be a better choice of wording.] Shyness is arguably largely a cultural acquisition rather than genetic. All you did was to overcome a personality characteristic that had evolved as you grew. I say 'all you did', while recognising that this can be a major effort and even a small change of character can represent a major victory - but this is a victory over your conditioning, not over your genes.
Thats just an example. I´ve more, like depression. Its genetic(i know that by looking into my family history) and i had it for years. Never went into a psi. doctor. All the help that i got it was from my force of will.

I got help in Budhism that opened my eyes and now i see things with different eyes. Now, besides from not having depression anymore, i am optimistic and i am energetic. I fill my mind in a good shape, with lots of innner strenght.

btw, shyness its not very good duendy...think about girls :)

No, really, from my experience (when i was shy) shyness would not bring me any girfriend...never. Now that i am the opposite ( i am not arrogant) things are a "little" different ;).
I do not believe in the reductionist genetic explantion for depression and so on.
other scientists who are stariting to take a 'top down' approach also are exploring the limitations of the genetic reuctionism, etc

A few days ago, i saw this documentary called 'Fakin' It' was about this physicist who had to fool these judges he was a professional magician, aFTER ONLY 4 WEEKS TRAINING

he also was shy and melancholic. He had to perfrom in front of live audiences as part of his training, and he found it excruciatingly hard cause of his low self esteem.

BUT.......he eventually managed to fool these judges, and gained conficdence, doing his tricks for poeple, and giving him the chance to apporach good lookin girls for the first time in his life

the programme ended showing him going round this cafe intermingling with people--especially girls, and laughing, even when a trick went wrong.
We werer told he had given up being a physicist and was not a professional magician. He claimed he was now really happy
SHIT!! i seem to nearly always mistype the most crucial word.....meant to say he was "NOW a professional magician"
duendy, you are correct, nowdays scientists love to see DNA behind everything. Genetic its an explanation for many personality traits, but i saw some documentarys on tV, and research about seperated twin brothers (living in different places, etc) shows that DNA its beheing a lot of things.

I think that they spoke about 50% of many of our traits are "dictated" by genes.

I dont like the idea neither, but unfortunatly seems to be truth.

That was the reason that has maske me speak the way i spoke about depression, etc,etc in preview posts.
BEware what you see on TV--ie., mass media! Understand that these forms of public broadcasting are owned by the very people who seek to reduce us to what suits their agenda. this is really important to understand and deserves a thread of its own. in fact i am sure some are already lurking somewhere.
The whole myth of mental illness is promoted by the keepers of the paradigm we are in.
Take the 'new biological illness' affecting more and more children they are calling 'ADHD'--it is a total fraud!....Yet recently a supposedly well respected science programme called 'HORIZON', from our BBC TV boradcast a documentary about it, with the backing of many 'respectable' orgs, claiming ADHD really Is a biological disease. i got in touch with the makers of this crap, and they boldy asserted it WAs a bonafide illness, and posted a list of professions etc which agreed with them. ISN'T. what they say is utterly false. what they really mean --which they hide behind their pseudoscience--is that 'ADHD' is BEHAVIOUR that they cannt DEAL with, so they call it a disorder and then drug it. causing damage to children. it is an outrage!

Now, genetics research is connected with this reductive oppressive mindset see about the book The Gene Illusion

basically, when the status quo blame 'parts' of us without seeing their part in inequality, and all froms of ocial distress etc...THAt is a warning of reductionism. it is easy for them to do that, for then they dont have to change, and derive means to further their totalitarian control over our bodyminds
Its sad that TVs do not show the real science. Its hard to find truth.

Who can tell what its true? TV, books, internet, etc, etc, are a mix of true information with lies....thats not good.

In the above TV documentary that i spoke about, they looked like very serious and scientific. Maybe they belivied that they were speaking about truth...thats another problem that we should add to liars: people that spreads science without understanding it.
haha..although your quip made me laugh, it didn't stop me seeing through your one-line propaganda
ever heard of mantras?i'm from india, and am a zoologist, can explain to you in detail some things that would help you understand the apparently outrageous statements...provided you do not tend to shut your eyes and ears and run screaming from the truth because you've been taught otherwise in your school-books!
why diss the guy?
He has had his problems in the past and has solved them with his own beliefs.
Everything to do with genetics was formed from an opinion (ie. lamarck and Darwins theories which were construction with no scientific evidence or research). The irony is that it took a religous man (ie Mendel) to form a basis of genetics who had beliefs I do not conform to.

Most people believe something unreal, thats what maybe in our genes which makes us different from other organisms.

The guy seems to be wrong in my opinion, but who am I to say, it is his belief and I respect it.

BTW, I'm new, you guys are smart please dont rip me apart on my first post.
Welcome mardener. :)

Your point is well taken. I will comment on one thing though.....

mardener said:
The irony is that it took a religous man (ie Mendel) to form a basis of genetics who had beliefs I do not conform to.
Whilst both Mendel and Darwin were religious men, I think the most important point with respect to their seminal work is that their religious beliefs played no part in their discoveries. They applied the scientific method and deduced physical rules and theories based solely on the empirical evidence and data they collected. Their religious beliefs didn’t come into it.<P>
kazbadan/ said:
I dont know if that its real but i believe that we can afftect DNA with thoughts.
Its need a lot of strenght but you can dictate to your DNA that your thoughts are stronger than it.
This is quite simply the biggest load of crap I've seen on any of these forums.
The fact that you losers out there are even willing to respond to it merely confirms my growing convinction that this is not the place for me.

Did any of you ever notice the word "intelligent" in Sciforums banner? Anybody know what that means?

I'm quitting, just like I quit Phys & Math - for the same reason.

Oh - a qualification. There have been a couple, maybe three, people with whom I had pleasant conversations. Sorry to them (they know who they are).

For the rest of you - modify your genes by the immense power of your thoughts if you can.