Your Greatest Accomplishment?


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In your life what is the greatest thing you have accomplished? That is, if you don't mind saying.

We enter this life with nothing, we leave it with nothing.
Mine is very simple.
I owned an old yacht that was in very poor repair.
One day the main halyard came off the main sail and before I realised I hoisted it up the mast such that it would not come down.
The only thing to do was remove the mast, a major job which the boat yard kept putting off, or have someone hoisted up the mast.
I tried everyone, my mate the shipwright would not do it because he thought the rigging was suspect, and it one at the pub would do it.
In the end I purchased brackets that could be fixed to the mast (wood) and so one after the other I installed these mast steps until I could get to touch the top of the mast.
I did this about five years ago and one leg was already playing up such that I had to lift myself up with my arms to a great degree.
But the main issue was I am sortta not good with heights so in that respect it was a massive challenge for me.The boat was on its mooring so passing boats were a worry.
However I remember getting to the top with all at the boat shed, particularly my shipwright mate, looking on.
No one thought I would do it or could do it.
So for anyone else looking it was not a big deal but the physical and mental effort for me at that age was enormous.
I could talk about other things that to someone would seem neat but installing those steps, up down and managing my fear I rate as my best.
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How do you define "great"? I always aim to do the greatest job that I can do... This may or may not be the greatest thing that has ever been done in its respective field.
How do you define "great"? I always aim to do the greatest job that I can do... This may or may not be the greatest thing that has ever been done in its respective field.
I think you define it by what was great to you.
It can be simple like my mast experience it was not a big deal for anyone else but me.
It could be a simple as sleeping with the light off for the first time if you are terrified of the dark.
I have never once achieved anything great in my uninteresting life
It might seem that way, but in my ordinary life my family is my greatest achievement. And it pretty much just happened over time. With my wife I made two children who are so involved with life it gives me pleasure every time I watch, talk with and think about them. It's really cool to be a part of their lives and experience their experience.

I've also seen this with extended family and recognize it every holiday when we come together. The generation I once new as small children now have their own families or are on the beginning of starting a family.
If by "greatest" one means the accomplishment that gives one the greatest satisfaction to look back on, I have a handful of candidates:
- rowing in the VIII that won the 1971 schools championships,
- getting my degree,
- getting the prettiest refinery technologist into bed,
- ensnaring my wife and begetting a delightful son and heir,
- singing solo in front of an audience for the first time,
- being with my wife when she died and giving her a funeral to be proud of.

But perhaps only the last can be said to be my own effort alone. And the satisfaction I derive from that experience is very different from all the others.
Being the victim of child abuse, but ending the cycle by dealing with my issues. Then raising my wonderful son with my lovely wife in an open and non-abusive family. Seeing him get his university degree, find a wonderful young lady, get a decent job, then moving upwards in an impressive way. Making his old dad right proud. :biggrin:

Further - actually having a 49 year career (thus far) as a professional free - lance artist has been a never - ending adventure. I remain a very happy camper, despite whatever adversities that have come this way. I could go on, but I won't. :wink:
greatness is fleeting
every situation presents an opportunity to be the best at whatever it is that you are doing
if doing your best means being great then it is an ongoing adventure
some of the past greats were also associated with some of my best screw ups.
I don't think much about it now but at the time it was a big deal and that was when I stopped being an employee and became an employer having acquired my own business.
All of a sudden I not only had to look after myself but was responsible to keep four others in work.
I came from a humble background and no one I knew owned a business so it was a huge move for me.
I do not have any great accomplishments, just little ones, and I feel fine.