Why do ghosts wear human clothes?

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There is no "devil".

Then what is this!!! Dah dah DAAHHHH

Come on, this isn't the Whitehouse! How about a touch of civility.

how about not trolling? do you think you are a mod? i dont go in subforums that i have no interest in just to point out someone's 'civility'? that's the point. this subforum is trolled by the members themselves, not by those who actually were genuinely interested in the paranormal. they just come in and do there drive-by usual snickering condescension.

this is what happens in a forum that has its own prejudices against certain subjects. the members did the same with MR and that is why he got hostile.
and that is why this subforum is up for possible deletion. i am all for it actually. are you in?
it is only me or MR who post in this subforum. there are literally no other members here who have any real genuine interest in this section. it should be deleted.

it is actually not a loss anymore at this point for the fringe buffs. one, because the other members here are too staid or annoying to participate in any authentic way, it's always prostelyzing logic against it or just taunting and two, the real loss will be for the forum members and itself as it will be even duller.

that's what they deserve. no fodder. no gratuitous entertainment.
i tried and my prediction was spot-on. the members think that only blatant obscenities are a lack of civility but veiled insults, condescension and trolling are somehow civil.

the members have nothing to add except the usual various forms of dismissal/prostelyzing of their own based on misplaced logic and then general trolling.

they are immature in fringe subforum because they do believe it's all as fake and unreal as santa claus and the tooth fairy.

why does the administration keep this subforum open? you already drove away, even though not banned, the main contributor of this subforum? they know the type of squelching and hindrance and trolling and annoyance they will have to deal with.

it is a ghost town. why would you keep it? who the fuk is left or going to participate or start threads out of genuine respect for the subject, not mocking topics?

has the moderators noticed who starts topics in the fringe? they sure are not your main bread and butter staple members and then you drive away the few you had, then the only one left, with the added help of the mods themselves.

hello??? again, who the fuk would start topics here?
Okay, I think we've let this go off the rails long enough... it's nothing more than a flame war at this point.
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