Which religion has the lead?

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In terms of numbers, Christianity

I'm not sure, but in terms of convertion it's Islam.

By the way, would it be a good thing if everyone converted to Christianity? I'm sick of people acting like Christianity is perfect, so, yea......no.
Religion shouldnt be competitive to begin with. This is really a bad question if you ask me..

Why not? If you think you have the truth to eternal salvation and bliss? Didnt sandy go on about "saving" people all the time? I assume they think they are doing you a massive favour by converting you. :shrug:

well yesterday two european women converted to islam here, came to kairouan in ramadhan, and converted to islam :p

but also i think islam is the fastest, but, idk, i may think both christanity and muslim, are getting higher and higher.
Interesting. An old Egyptian girlfriend I had left Islam a few years back.
I know nine Muslims who are now Atheist, one Muslim that converted to Scientology (and then to "I just have faith in something"), one Buddhist who converted to being Catholic, many Christians who are Atheists, and then a LARGE number of people who believe the exact same religion as their parents (Xian, Muslim, Shinto, Buddhist, Hindu, etc...).

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