Which religion has the lead?

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What do you mean "the right one or not"? Are you talking about different sects of Islam - or are you talking just generally in the sense of whether Islam is true?
I'd say Christianity. There are no official figures on it, but China continues to be the biggest are for winning converts and the Catholic, Baptist and Methodist churches all are quite prevelant. Some studies have shown that a tenth of the population is already Christian and it's growin fast.

South America and Africa are pretty much spoken for-- it's eastern and southeastern Asia that's still pretty much up for grabs.

There were some discussions on this in the past, and basically it's true about Islam, they are gaining followers the most rapidly and are the most numerous.
Well I wouldn't say Buddhism is the fastest growing, although it would be a pretty mellow world if it were.

Christianity is doing a pretty good job at outreaching and getting new followers. They have the biggest religious following in the world (taking every denomination into factor). Every person I know that is involved in churches tells me of their church organizing trips around the world to go 'spread the word'. Missionary trips to different countries especially third world countries is quite common here in the US.

Islam is close behind Chrisianity as far as numbers go. And atheist/non-religion is right behind Islam... so who knows how these numbers will fluxuate in the next few hundred years.

I don't think any 1 religion will ever take over the world. It is quite hard to persuade people to change their relgious beliefs. Sure people change denominations say in Christianity but I think it would be pretty hard to convert a Christian to Buddhism or Hinduism and vise versa. We should all just be tolerant as we can to others and their beliefs. As long as their not harming anyone that is.

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