What's on your iPod?


I'm trying a curious mix of four hours' worth of music all shuffled up.

• XTC, Apple Venus (Vol. 1)
• Soulsavers, Broken
• Yeah Yeah Yeahs, It's Blitz!
• Elvis Costello and Allen Tossaint, The River In Reverse
• Paul Simon, Surprise

And curious indeed:

Now Playing:

XTC, "The Last Balloon"​

On Deck:

Costello & Toussaint, "Six-Fingered Man"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Shame and Fortune"
XTC, "River of Orchids"
Paul Simon, "Everything About It Is A Love Song"
Soulsavers, "Unbalanced Pieces"​

People who bitch about shuffle suck.

-_- is it just me, or...well, whenever I want to post music i spend quite a while before I find this thread..since the title has been changed(or the original was replaced with this one)
The original got too long to manage and was replaced by a second one with a slightly different name. Then the same thing happened again and so this is the third one with a slightly different name.

But it's a Sticky, so it will always be near the top of the list on the first page of the A&C subforum.

There are only 5 Stickies up there so it should not be very hard to spot!
Oh it's stickied(didn't notice because I barely go to A&C, and usually access threads via my subscribed list and new posts). Thanks for the hint.