What's on your iPod?

I bought my wife an iPod Nano for Christmas. I loaded her favorite albums the day before, set up Itunes, charged the battery and she loves it. She said ten times how much she loves it and then yesterday she was crying. It had gone dead. Nothing. Push the button, blank screen. Plug it in to the computer, no response. She packed it up in the cute little clear plastic box and slipped the receipt in with it. When I dug out the receipt and was going to return it, it came to life and said, please plug in to power source. She had run the battery down so far that it went into a coma :).

My mp3 player is a cheap Coby 8 gig. I love mine but boy oh boy does the Nano put mine to shame.

We both have all the Beatles albums loaded.
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Pat Metheny/ Anna Maria Jopek: Upojenie

Every morning I wake up to this album. It's in Polish; it's a mix of Jazz and some kind of unique pop with a fusion guitar flavor. Through and through there are only maybe 2 songs on the whole disc of which have reduced quality as compared to the rest, though, still good. I've also been listening to a lot recently of
Jim Croce - The Faces I've Been

It has a lot of his short tunes never released on full length albums like; Greenback Dollar, Gunga Din (From the Poem), Charlie Green..., and it includes some interviews with Croce himself - that rascal.
I have been listening to BB King lately. I think i amo gonna buy the CD because he is awesome. Listening to 'the thrill is gone' the other day made my hair stand on end.


\maybe the dark from your eyes


You think you've seen this town clear through
(Well, well, well - you can never tell)




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cosmictraveler, your link went somewhere else. Here's the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song

I would like to share an especially beautiful song with you, written and sung by Laura Roppe, based on a real-life moment prior to her rehabilitation. Additionally, when she filmed this video she was post-chemotherapy. Amazing and talented woman.... Her song is called, Float Away